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From make-up remover wipes to face masks, discover how nonwovens can transform your beauty routine from We Love Wipes, the number one destination for all things nonwoven!


Whether you're starting the day with a fresh face, removing make-up or enjoying a spot of pampering, today’s selection of wipes and sheet masks take the stress out of getting that perfect look – whether you're a man or a woman! Learn more about nonwoven makeup removers or how wipes can improve your beauty regime below.

4 Weird Asian Beauty Products You Need To Try

We’ve looked to the Far East and discovered some weird and wonderful beauty products that we know you’ll be desperate ...

What’s in your travel makeup bag?

When the sun starts shining we all start thinking about one thing, summer vacation!

Winter is coming, combat that dull winter skin.

During winter our skin can often feel dry and flaky, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

Are you doing Movember?

1st November marks the start of Movember!  Will you be joining in this year?

Join #WipesChat to talk about men’s pampering and grooming!

Whether you are a guy who grooms, or the partner, friend, or parent of one, join us this month to talk all about men’s grooming. 

Pampering Yourself at Home - Guy Edition

We all enjoy a pamper session, guys, girls, everyone! But guys 'manper' because it’s sort of more manly.  


Hair Removal - Waxing, Shaving and Tweezing!

Your guide to the best hair removal for whichever part of your body!

Time To Pucker Up For National Lipstick Day!

It’s #NationalLipstickDay which means get those lips prepped and get ready to pucker up.

Quick Manicure

Painting your nails can feel like a chore sometimes, and some people are better at painting nails than others. In...

Summer Beauty Essentials

As the weather improves, your skin will start to change. Say goodbye to dry winter skin, and say hello to smooth,...

Maintaining your perfect pout!


We often don’t realize it, but our lips take a lot of action…



Why YOU Should Be Using Facial Sheet Masks

Facial sheet masks are becoming increasingly common for both men and women, as more and more people opt for the ease and benefits of them...

Supermodel Skincare Tips

It’s no secret that supermodels are gorgeous, but how do they get such amazing skin? 


You never know when you'll need wipes!

Poor Danielle, had a makeup catastrophe. 


New Year Beauty Resolutions

Everyone sets resolutions, whether we stick to them or not. 


Finnish Flag Nail Art

Today we thought we would celebrate all you Finnish people with a flag inspired nail art look.


What To Expect in Body Changes

Our bodies change all the time, and there’s a great significance between what our bodies are like in our 20’s to what ...

Ways to feel body confident!

We all have times when we don’t feel confident, no matter what age you are.

Exfoliate, Scrub & Peel

Lately there are a lot of new products popping up in the beauty world. Lots to help you exfoliate, scrub and peel!

Thanks for Sharing!

The biggest theme of We Love Wipes during the last few months has been Make-up & beauty. 

Christmas Nails

In the festive season it’s always great to have nails to match your Christmas spirit.

Skincare Tips for Men

 It is no secret than men spend half the amount of time on their skin that women do, but it’s about time that men start taking ca...

Spider Nails - Tutorial

Happy Halloween, with costumes of ghouls and goblins we want to still be able to put a feminine touch to our look, and how else better than with o...

How to remove nail polish

That sounds like an easy task. Removing nail polish should surely not be more complicated than putting it on. And what goes on, at some point must...

How to get the most out of your make-up wipes

We all know how important it is to wash your face at the end of the day before you go to sleep, but sometimes that just seems like too much effort...

Sun kissed glow in winter time

Now that summer is pretty much over, it’s time to welcome the winter season with open arms. 

Beat the microbead!

When our lives a little bit stressful from work or the kids, sometimes all we want to do is have an all day pamper spa day with beauty treatments....

Why you really shouldn't SHARE your make-up...

It’s no secret that some of us take pride in our own makeup and beauty products. 

Bad makeup and beauty habits

We all have our fair share of bad beauty habits and sometimes we simply can’t help it.

Make-up & Beauty #WipesChat: Wednesday 1st October 2014

Are you ready for Make-up & Beauty #WipesChat?

A beautiful relationship

Sneezy Mascara – did it happen to you too?

Oh and speaking of mascara, every time you start coating your lashes, do you start getting a tingly sensation in your nose?

Get lifted & illuminated

How do you like to feel lifted and illuminated? We all have different ways but nothing beats a good ol' facemask

Summer-inspired nails idea

It’s good to finally see a glimpse of sunshine coming through those grey clouds that have been hanging round for a while. It’s time to pull out th...

Celebrate in style with 'St Patrick's Day inspired' nail art

Let’s celebrate the Irish holiday of St Patrick’s Day with this fun nail art! Create your nails with clovers and hats with the colour gre...

Pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home

When you’re working full time as a parent, carer or even as a student, it can be hard to find some time to yourself to indulge in really looking a...

How dirty is your handbag?

A handbag - the only accessory that nearly all women don’t leave the house without, filled with everything that’s required for the day. 

Fancy some Christmas-inspired nails for the festive season?

It's Christmas...So you know what that means? Nail Art! 

How healthy is your make-up?

When it comes to professional make-up artists, we’re all guilty of cosmetics envy. 

Halloween 'Wipe Off'

Halloween - the only time of the year where you can dress up as anything you want without any judgement for how old you may be. <...

Halloween inspired nails in 7 simple steps!

It's Halloween, and we bet you all want some super spooky nails for the ocassion! 

Beauty & makeup wipes hangout

Tennis inspired nails in 7 steps

Who would have thought that playing any competitive sport would stop you from having fabulous nails? 

#WipesChat: Wednesday 4th Sept

This Wednesday, we will be holding our second #WipesChat.

Calling all makeup & beauty fans!

Calling all makeup & beauty fans – become part of our community today!

Face masks - the perfect indulgence in life

Face masks are, in my opinion at least, one of life's most enjoyable little indulgences.


How to use facial wipes for removing face and eye makeup

Certain types of facial wipes are invaluable tools to use when removing face and eye makeup. 

American flag nails in 7 steps

Celebrate in style this Independence Day and add a touch of patriotism to your look with these fabulous and easy to do American Flag inspired nail...

What are your skincare confessions?

A big part of being a beauty blogger is the process of trial and error. This is how we learn what works and what doesn’t, right?

Makeup Wipes Tips!

Tuesday Tip... on make up wipes!

6 fast fixes for makeup boo boos

Do you ever have those “Doh!” moments when it comes to makeup? Those little hiccups from time to time?