Get Involved!

Now there's even more ways to get involved with us! Whether you are a social media addict that loves liking and tweeting, or enjoy entering fun competitions and learning something new at the same time - we have all sorts of fun ways that you can get involved with us.


Social Media


One of the easiest ways to get in touch with us. Simply send us a tweet or share a funny story with us on Facebook - we enjoy reading every single response. Also, our Pinterest boards are filled with cool facts, tips and tricks for your everyday life. Whether you're a parent or beauty blogger - we've got boards for days, covering all the different events in life.



It's like one big Twitter party. We host this chat on a Wednesday, once a month covering a wide ring of themes from parenting to travelling to beauty to pets. Joined by our Sumominen experts, the chat is filled with great facts, information, and tips from people across the world. Also, we always give away a little prize for one random person that got involved in each chat. 


Google+ Communities

Our communities are filled with lots of tips and information on how wipes can make your life better. Aimed to those who are new born parents, pet owners and even beauty addicts - we have a community for you. We welcome people to share their thoughts and questions they may have about wipes, as we educate the importance of using the right wipes for the right purpose.



Our specially designed surveys are created to make the future of nonwoven products better for you and future generations. The surveys allow us to understand what you know about wipes and how we can make wipes better for you, based on your feedback we can utilize any of your information for our research and development and new product innovations. We also like to give away a small prize to a random participant, so keep an eye out on our future surveys. 



Well who doesn't love winning cool stuff? Occasionally, we will host competitions across our social channels and they are designed to inform, educate and to have fun, too. Keep an eye out on our next competitions - you might just be our next winner!