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Do you want to keep your car looking brand new and your hobby equipment in tip-top shape? There are wipes for every purpose - from cleaning your car's dashboard and windows, to tidying up your golf clubs and yoga mats. There are even wipes for drying the dog after a wet and muddy walk! Learn how using wipes can revolutionise your life.


Highlight of July Wipeschat: Out-smart

Did you miss our latest #WipesChat? It was great fun. See the highlights.

Top 5 Packing to Camp Tips

Are you planning a camping trip this summer? We have some great tips for you!

Paws at the Ready: 6 tips to protect your dog’s paws when it’s hot outside

There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying the sun.

Chat to us about ‘Out-smart’ this month during #WipesChat

For some people, keeping up a faultless appearance is more important than anything, especially during summer months wh...

Highlights of May #WipesChat: Car Care Theme

Did you miss our latest #WipesChat? It was great fun. See the highlights.

Yoga Tips

So you’re just about to take your first steps into the world of yoga?

Sports event survival kit!

Attending a sporting event is an exciting occasion and for some they can be an all-day affair, often spending a long t...

A Man and His Mustang

Rami Harvonen is not only a logistics coordinator at Suominen, but he’s also a secret Mustang enthusiast!

Having fun in the pool this summer!

Swimming pools are great, whether you own one or you’re just visiting one for the day, however they can get unhygienic...

Have fun in the sun, but protect yourself!

It’s Sun Awareness week and we are talking all about ways you can protect your skin from the sun!

Let’s talk about car care during our Gleaming Wheels #WipesChat

Do you love cleaning of your car, or is it always a mess?

Fake that bathing feeling after a lunch time run

We wish we could say that there were some easy tips that will help you feel great and lose weight while giving you mor...

7 must-read luggage packing hacks

We all love to travel, but we hate packing. These top tips will make sure that your next vacation gets off to the best possible start.

4 ways to keep gym equipment clean

We go to the gym to work up a sweat, but it is important to ensure that you keep the equipment clean for other gymgoer...

What to do on New Year's Day?

What do you do on New Year's Day? This year try something different!

Wonderful Winter Activities with Kids this Christmas

Make sure the little ones aren’t bored over the festive season.

How to avoid a Bonfire Night accident, and have fun too.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Mad Hatter Day: Have I gone mad?

It’s time to go entirely bonkers, because let’s be honest - all the best people are! 

5 reasons rabbits are the ultimate first pet

Not only are they cute and fluffy, but they're great for teaching kids responsibilities.


Go down to the woods today… Teddy Bears Picnic!

Summer might be almost over! Enjoy the last of the sunshine by hosting a Teddy Bears Picnic for your kids and their friends. 


It’s World Mosquito Day Tomorrow!

Not exactly the most pleasant of days, but it serves a good purpose. 


SMILE! – It’s Photography Day


We all have a relationship with photography, whether you are a professional photographer, a tourist snapper or simply love an innocent s...

What’s in your ‘manbag’?

It’s 2016 and there is no shame in carrying a ‘manbag’ around with you, but it all depends on what you fill it with. 


After the Gym Grooming Tips

After the gym, your skin can have that awesome manly sweat, which is good.  You worked hard.  But you want to feel fresh too, so we have some groo...

The 2016 Rio Olympics is here and it’s time to get physical!

Rio Olympics is almost here, gathering the world’s best athletes through a variety of sporting competitions.


Back To School... Join our next #WipesChat!

Doing Beach Days The Right Way!

With summer upon us, and the warmer weather picking up, trips to the beach are a must with your family, the kids and your pets.

Suominen Goes Running

About a year ago I promised to join the Suominen team in a local running relay, Karhuviesti so I had to start training to keep up with my...

Have a Wipe-tastic Fathers Day!


Being a dad has its ups and downs, and it’s not without its challenges. That’s why Father’s Day exists as a way for kids to say “Thank Y...

Suominen Goes Orienteering: Wipes Edition

Orienteering is an intense sport and I do sweat often, which obviously leads to smelling ‘not so pleasant’. 

Orienteering - it's not just for adventurous people!

Orienteering is a challenging yet fun sport to get involved in, it is also a good way to gather your friends and family.

Summer Beauty Essentials

As the weather improves, your skin will start to change. Say goodbye to dry winter skin, and say hello to smooth,...

Join our next #WipesChat to talk about how you take care of your critters!

They don't call them "man's best friend" for no reason, and your furry; scaly; feathery companion will always be there for you when you need them ...

Get gardening with the kids!

After a cold winter, your garden is probably in need of some ‘pampering’ and some tender, love and care. 


Spring is here - what are you going to do with the lighter evenings?

Gone are the dark evenings, and miserable grey weather. Spring has arrived, and it has brought fresh flowers and 8pm sunsets. What will you be doi...

Spring get together – what takes your fancy?

Spring is here - what will be your first spring gathering? A BBQ, a picnic or a trip to the beach?

Wipes you probably didn't know existed - Part 2!

You can get wipes for everything… and we mean everything! 



Join our next #WipesChat to share your experiences on dining out at all types of eateries!


Whether you love to be adventurous and try out different types of foods, or love to sit in a quiet and cozy ...

Which Dog Breed Needs Wipes?

Muddy Paws, drool and even rolling in animal poo - dogs can be messy creatures! 




Take a Hike!

In the New Year we all get the fitness bug, wanting to be out exercising and getting fit. 


Gym Etiquette: How to not be a newbie in the Gym

Did you just sign up to the gym membership to kick-start your New Year healthy lifestyle? You probably don’t know about Gym Etiqu...

Join our next “New Year, new you” #WipesChat

Everyone sets New Year resolutions…have you set yours yet? 

What do you get you pet for Christmas?

Every year we all go out and spend way too much money on gifts. But there is always someone we forget… 

Ready, Set, Shop - Shopping Reminder Day

With Christmas just around the corner it really is time to head on out and start your festive shopping to avoid any la...

Join our next Wipes Chat all to do with "Getting Ready for Party Season" - T'is the season!

Who would have thought that this season is upon us already? 

What’s in your purse?

We all know the dread of purse cleaning day. 

Teachers, what would we do without them?

Teaching your kids everything they need to know about hygiene can be really difficult, as it can quite easily slip your mind or they just don’t se...

Back to school - the boring, the essential and the fun!


It’s that time of the year again. Time to restock the fridge full of packed lunch treats and time to ...

Join our next #WipesChat all to do with “Getting busy with your hobbies”

Everyone has their own hobbies they love.

Camping Life Hacks

Ah, camping! That feeling of being outdoors, being surrounded by the cozy campfire, soaking in all that nature. That said, camping often comes wit...

Travel Sickness

We all know that traveling is fun, but for an unlucky few traveling leads to travel sickness and that’s just not enjoyable.

Extreme Camping Wipes Edition

There are loads of different campers, from the Glamper to the Adventurer!

Join our next Wipes Chat - all to do with going "Back to School!"

Join our next Wipes Chat all to do with being “Back To School: Parents, Teachers and Classrooms”.

How to turn that dusty creature into a shiny sportshorse?

Many consider horses noble, elegant and beautiful.

What should be in your pet first aid kit?

Pets just love to explore. 

The wipes you probably didn't know existed

Wipes come in all different shapes and sizes, and for all different purposes too, but there are some wipes th...

Join our next Wipes Chat where we’ll be saying “There’s a wipe for that!”

Join our next Wipes Chat where we’ll be saying “There’s a wipe for that!”

Long Haul Travel – where are you heading next?


For some people, long haul travelling is a requirement for their jobs and for some people, it is som...

Top 10 Tips for First Time Festival-Goers

Summer is upon us and it is the season of music festivals! 


Pimp Your Picnic!

It’s summer again, and that means grabbing your picnic basket and heading to the park for the day.

Using Nonwovens In The Garden

Join Katja, our garden lover, as she talks through using nonwoven products in her garden. 

Join our next Wipes Chat about Traveling Convenience!

It’s getting to that time of the year again where the school holidays are nearing or have already started in some area - it’s time to pack those b...

Join our next #WipesChat about Outdoor Adventures!

The weather is picking up, which means less time spent indoors and more time to spend outdoors. From having a small picnic in the garden to...

Wipes Chat: Preparing for Summer – BBQ’s & Parties!

It’s that time of year again – warm sunrays and bright blue skies – yes, summer season is just around the corner!

Wipes Chat: Allergies and Spring Season

It’s about to get sunny and warm with Spring right around the corner, but are you prepared for the downfall of hay fever allergie...

Which Celebrity Couple Are You?

Are you the fairytale couple, the high maintenance couple or the power couple? 

Valentines Weekend Getaway

It’s almost Valentines Day so wouldn’t it nice to get away for the weekend, just relax and have fun with your partner? 

Why Would Santa Need a Wipe?

Well, he's just like us...why wouldn't he need a wipe during his Christmas travels? 

Celebrate Hand Washing with Global Hand Washing Day!

Hands are the most common carriers of germs. Most of them are harmless but they can also cause illnesses such as colds, flu and tummy bugs.

The Three W’s - Wind, Water and Wipes

I have had a love of wind and water since childhood...

Addicted to running!

Much to the dismay of all the sporting apparel manufacturers, you really don’t need a lot of equipment to be a long distance runner.  

Cycling Essentials: It’s not just about the bike

We’re in the middle of summer and this is the time of year when I like to get the most out of my bike.

Which wipes kill norovirus?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what Norovirus is. Norovirus is a single-stranded, non-enveloped, RNA virus that is the most common cause of...

The Vile High Club

Are you flying to somewhere nice this summer? Airplanes are great, but do you know they can carry more germs and bacteria than they do passengers?...

Are wipes allowed on planes?

Now that we’re at the beginning of summer and people are starting to get excited about their summer holidays and adventures – it’s time to...

I wish I had…an unbeatable backhand, and a few other tricks on tennis court

My father, dad of three daughters, and grandfather of five, has always said that fine ladies do not sweat, they glow. 

Tips: Surviving the World Cup

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of one of the biggest events of the year then you’re probably too excited to think of anything else but the Wo...

Camp clever - your top tips for keeping clean in the great outdoors

As summer approaches the allure of camping under the stars is even more attractive and this year’s trips are planned.

10 Ideas for Bucket List

How does the expression go…“You only live once”? We’ve all heard this phrase at some point in our lives and it’s something that’s easier said than...

Get ready for the summer time

Now that summer is here (finally!), it’s time to get ready for it and spread that summer feeling.

Tips: What to pack for a camping trip?

Now that summer is slowly making an appearance, it’s time to start thinking about all the outdoor activities and adventures that you can plan with...

What to prepare for summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are a great place to gather with friends and family, it’s a time to enjoy the sunshine and eat some of your favourite barbequed dishes...

A game of golf is full of paradoxes!

Golf is certainly many things but in my experience, a game of golf is full of paradoxes!

Spring is here - finally!

Isn’t spring just a beautiful time of year? The sun is shining; it feels unbelievably nice on you but still cool enough to not have to worry about...

Allergic to pets?

Do you own a pet and have to keep some of your friends or family at a safe distance because they end up in a sneezing, itchy mess because of your ...

Valentine's Day Disasters!

Valentine’s Day - the only day of the year where you’d expect to receive a bouquet of flowers, expensive chocolates and a fancy dinner, right?! Un...

Your winter health survival guide

It may be the coldest it’s ever been outside but winter needn’t be the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family.

Winter's here - paws at the ready!

Now that the cold weather is on its way in many countries, make sure that your furry kids are safe and well as temperatures drop.

Pet #WipesChat: Wednesday 25th Sept

Woof! It's all about your pets...

Dirty Beasts Competition

Now’s the paw-fect time to join our new 'Pets Community'

 We all love our pets. But let’s face it – they can be mucky little pups.

Summer BBQ essentials

We all love a good summer BBQ, so we thought we would share some of our essentials with you! 

Is bird poop lucky or yucky?

There is a myth that being hit by a “bird bomb” is lucky…have you ever heard of this?

Sports in the heatwave

It is the last weekend of the US Open and many tennis enthusiasts will no doubt flock to the sunny Flushing Meadows, trying to watch the great gam...

Unusual ways to stay cool in the hot summer days

There is no doubt summer is here — and with it, we are on the constant quest to stay cool.

Pre-festival essentials

What do you pack to a music festival? We make the comparisons between male and female.

Independence Day Celebration

Very few people have to work on Independence Day.

Family outing: remember...BE PREPARED!

Remember...BE PREPARED!

Elvis - King of mess

Elvis the boxador Triumphs over making a mess!