Personal Hygiene

Feeling hot and bothered? Nowhere to freshen up? That uncomfortable feeling can be wiped away in an instant. Whether you've had a busy day in the office, enjoyed a long walk or hike through the great outdoors, or you're getting ready for an intimate encounter (no need to blush), there’s a wipe to help you out!


We've got everything you need to know about nonwoven personal hygiene - from wipes case studies to lifestyle advice, We Love Wipes has got it all covered! 

How dirty is your phone?

You’d be surprised. We suggest you hold on to it dearly and don’t drop it when you find out...

Summer Hair Removal Guide

Summer is right around the corner, the perfect weather to show off your smooth legs in summer dresses or raise your ar...

Everything you need to know about norovirus

The norovirus is easy to catch, but you can prepare yourself and reduce your chances of falling ill.

10 ways to freshen up after sex

We all know that sex can get messy, and while you probably aren’t thinking about it during the deed freshening up prop...

World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that affects an estimated 370 million people worldwide.

Personal Hygiene on a Student Budget

Best not skip out on the necessities, for your own good and the people around you. 


World Smile Day, don’t be shy - show us that grin!


This day is dedicated to smiling as much as you can and making other people smile.


Pampering Yourself at Home - Guy Edition

We all enjoy a pamper session, guys, girls, everyone! But guys 'manper' because it’s sort of more manly.  


Wipes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of - Men's Edition

Some men keep it plain and simple, whilst others enjoy a bit of pampering. And that's okay!


What’s in your ‘manbag’?

It’s 2016 and there is no shame in carrying a ‘manbag’ around with you, but it all depends on what you fill it with. 


Beard Grooming Tips

Size doesn’t matter… when it comes to beards. How do you groom yours? 


Hair Removal - Waxing, Shaving and Tweezing!

Your guide to the best hair removal for whichever part of your body!

Suominen Goes Running

About a year ago I promised to join the Suominen team in a local running relay, Karhuviesti so I had to start training to keep up with my...

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Wounds and injuries come in the form of rashes, bites, burns, scrapes, and cuts.

Wound Care: Why it's important to dress your wounds correctly.

An open wound is an injury involving an external or internal break in body tissue, usually involving the skin.

What’s the longest you have gone without a shower?

Sometimes not all of us have time for a shower, but how long can you go without a shower before you feel gross?

Join our next #WipesChat to talk about personal hygiene!

For some people, personal hygiene is important to them more than anything than others.

Join our next #WipesChat to talk about Spring season and how you overcome allergies and fevers.

Spring has sprung which means the weather is getting a liittle watmer, the nights are getting lighter, and there is more time to spend outdoors.

What do you know about foot care?

Our feet can take a lot of pressure, just like our hands. So it is important to take care of them just as much…

Male Grooming - What Wipes Are Available?

Demand for male wipe products grows in the market...

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Lets Talk About...

Incontinence is more common than you may think. If you suffer with incontience take our survey!

Say cheese! It’s World Smile Day

A day that revolves around smiles and everything happy - this is possibly the best day of the year!

What causes Incontinence?

Almost everyone has to deal with incontinence at some point of his or her life – this is more common than you might have ever thought. In fact, th...

Travel Sickness

We all know that traveling is fun, but for an unlucky few traveling leads to travel sickness and that’s just not enjoyable.

Have you ever wondered how do toilets work in space?

Have you ever actually wondered how astronauts go to the loo in space?

A Little History On Periods...

Going back in time with Aunt Flow - from lint to moss to softened papras to what we know today as the tampon and the pad!

Why Everyone Should Talk About Periods

Jose Garcia took to Instagram with a post all about how men should support women by carrying around pads and tampons, because you just never know ...

Top 10 Tips for First Time Festival-Goers

Summer is upon us and it is the season of music festivals! 


A History Lesson on Periods!

Periods are defintely not a taboo, and both men and women should be comfortable with the subject. Take a blast into the past on the histoy of peri...

Festival Periods

It’s almost festival season and there’s one thought on many of us have: ‘what if I get my period when I’m at the festi...

Thanks for supporting our Sexploration!

In the spirit of Valentine’s day We Love Wipes got intimate and asked you how you take care of your hygiene before and...

That time of the month

It is that pesky time of the month again...when we are all a bit grumpy, and want to relax and eat chocolate all day.

What type of person are you on your Period?

Because we all know we are different people when we are on our period.

10 things guys are afraid to ask about the time of the month!

We all know guys are a little bit scared when women talk about that ‘time of the ...

Having ‘the chat’ with your daughter, a dad’s perspective.

Daily text messages to her cousins, weekly trips into town with friends, emails exchanged amongst school mates but one common theme - “have you st...

Great SEXpectations - What to really expect!

Expectations versus reality can work out well, but when they don’t things can go very, very badly. 

Are you ready for “Body Talk” #WipesChat?

From the title you can probably guess what our next #WipesChat is going to be about. 


Pick me up tips to beat Blue Monday

The festivities are over and everyone is back to work, so it can be a depressing time for some.

Snot The Right Color?

The colour of your snots really does tell you how healthy or unhealthy you are!

You never know when Diarrhea will strike!

We love hearing your stories about why you love wipes.

Wipes Chat: Holiday/Flu Season

Now that the holiday season is upon us, all we can think about is a white snowy Christmas, the thought of spending time with fami...

Staying Healthy In Flu Season! It is all about the hands.

It may seem easier than you think to stay healthy during flu season!

New kind of therapy for my aching muscles

I am a typical office worker. I spend most of my days sitting by the computer. Studies have shown that constant sitting is very damaging to your h...

Thanks for sharing!

Some time ago We Love Wipes ran a survey asking a set of questions related to staying fresh and products used for personal and intimate hygiene. W...

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Because we are the experts and we will answer all the questions you want to know. 

How messy is your desk at work?

How messy is your desk at work? When was the last time you cleaned your desk?

Detox your way to a healthy new you

Office jobs - a typical 9-5 day with comfortable air conditioning, vending machines and happy hours.

5 reasons to keep wipes handy this Valentine's Day

Even though you've planned your entire Valentine's Day to perfection from what you'll be wearing to what you'll be serving at the dinner table, yo...