You never know when Diarrhea will strike!

We love hearing your stories about why you love wipes.

And we especially love the story recently submitted to us by a John who hails from Bristol in the UK.

John's hilariously honest anecdote, which graphically detailed one very unfortunate incident that happened to him while hiking in the Welsh Countryside. We'll not reveal too much - but we're guessing he's not the only one who this has happened to!

Most importantly though, it shows how in certain circumstances, wipes can be an absolute godsend!

You never know when you'll need wipes!

Danielle use's makeup wipes everyday to remove her makeup. One day she had a makeup disaster after she'd been crying, don't worry it was only from hayfever. Luckily she has wipes to hand to clean up those messy black mascara smudges! Phew, wipes to the rescue again. 

Do you have a wipes story like Danielle's? Wipes saved her from an embarrassing makeup fail, but how have wipes helped you? 

I rolled my eyes at my friends when they said wipes were the greatest invention ever. As a new dad, I realise they are. My life would be so much more un-hygienic without them.
Love is a strong word, but I have to say wet cleaning wipes ease up dusting and bathroom cleaning a lot
I've been brought up in a large family and so the necessity for wipes is great. I've continued to use them as a Dad and always manage to become amazed at the application they have. I always have a spare pack on hand for those wipes emergencies or for my little boy. One of the greatest practical inventions of the late 20th Century!
Cleansing wipes are absolutely essential going to music festivals and camping trips. Whether it’s rainy and muddy or hot and sunny - it helps to keep me stay clean and fresh. I don't think I can survive without!
I just love when my car windows are spotless and the dashboard is clean... It's so easy with wipes!
Female, 23 yrs
Oh yes I do. After having partied all night long and coming home happy but tired - and still being interested in the well-being of my skin - nothing is more convenient than a cosmetic wipe for fast make up removal.
I am a crafter and use wipes for many things, like cleaning my stamps, cleaning my table down, wiping my inky hands and many other uses.
Wipes are invaluable when travelling and camping. Wipes were a god send as often there are no other way to keep clean refreshed. Also they don't take up a lot of space in your backpack!
I used wipes when my daughter was a baby.
We always have anti-bacterial wipes in the car for all the times we have to clean up before or after little snacks on road trips. The kids are so used to me pulling them out that they ask for them now all the time!
The best wipes are those fluffy floor wipes that pick up all the dust bunnies in my house. I love those things and so do my kids!
I do love wipes and this web is just great!
Where would we be without them! We should be sponsored by We Love Wipes! A pack in every room.
Yes I do. Wipes are perfect for all times....
Yes I love wipes they are so helpful around the house. My fave wipe is the fluffy floor wipes. What would we do without wipes? :)
Yes. I love wipes because how much mess I make I can just clean up before my mum gets back.
Sophie Elizabeth
Yes, as I get to send my 7 year old son to school with a clean face!
Tracy Flanagan
Not only do wipes make my life infinitely easier and much less gross, they are the best pen-on-the-wall removers ever!! Versatile for every job and ideal for every job.
Yes I love wipes & in my home we use them for personal hygiene, pets & everyday uses.
Eve Ghigliotti
They are always handy for those little handys.
Joy Roxburgh
Wipes have been a complete godsend to me on a daily basis. Helping me with cleaning in the house is only a small part helping clean the kids from whatever sticky mess they have managed to get into, no matter where we are now they are fabulous!
Karen Meudell
I love them for spillages, dog...well the less said the better and general areas where I really don't want to pull out hot water and cleaners.
I had a friend who loved wipes so much, she used them to clean her kitchen floor on her hands and knees! Yes, they were the small ones and not those made specifically for floors.
I do love wipes. Especially when I stop to a recreation area after a long hike. Box lunch tastes so much better after cleaning hands and refreshing by using some wipes.
Brilliant thoughtful invention that has saved many a day. Wipes for every occasion! Essential to have in your handbag/rucksack and car.
I use wipes to cleans kids hands, faces, and butts. I also clean my rubber stamps with wipes. Wipes keep them clean and supple.
I love wipes as they are great for grandkids sticky fingers.
Chris Lambert
Yes wipes are a lifesaver when cleaning.
I have used wipes since my children were born. My eldest is now at secondary school and I still wouldn't get through a day without them.
Helen Allan
I use wipes for so many things! My animals, their ears, paws etc...For hands, for stains. I use wipes for just about everything. I love them because they are so convenient.
Michele Knicely
I love wipes because I have a house full of three boys, husband and me. I just love they are simple and constant.
Kimberly Bentura
Yes - good to have.
I love wipes, but the mom I rescued loved them also. I was at the airport when a young mom's young daughter spilled her coke all over her mom's blouse. I ran over and gave her a wipe and she was so thrilled. Told me I saved the day for her.
I love wipes for when I'm camping at a place with no running water. They are lifesavers! Especially in very hot weather!
Tracy Miller
I use wipes for everything. I have health issues so my immune system is bad, so I have wipes in my bag, all the rooms in the house, especially the bathroom. I remove my makeup with wipes at night. I love wipes, can't live without them. :-)
They make my skin feel clean...
I love them use them all the time!
I Love wipes! They have many uses in my household. I use them when my pet goes to the park and might get its paws dirty to wiping surfaces that may be dirty. They even are good getting ink stains off the walls, items of clothing, and your child if they like to write on themselves. In my opinion wipes are WONDERFUL!
Vanessia Olson
Yup, love them so handy
I use wipes for everything from taking off make up to every mess my wonderful kids can make
Mary Ann Fulton
My grandchildren went through a bizillion wipes over the years wouldn't know what to do without them.
I have not used them yet but I'm sure going to :-) They seem so easy to use and not to mention very convenient.
Michelle Gabrich
Quick clean ups.
Roxanne Becker
They are the best!
I use wipes for everything especially with three kids
Cindy Villa
With two grandkids under 4, they are used daily!!
Yes they are great especially when you don't feel up to giving them a bath.
Yes I do love wipes! They are crazy versatile!
Because they're quick and easy and very convenient
I keep wipes handy everywhere, to disinfect, and they do the job!
Dana Wise
They are amazing
My work space is messy, I hate to say! I try not to snack will working but I do. Wipe's has it's own job to do here.
Convenient for home or out and about
Wipes are convent and easy for almost everything. Love them!
I use these wipes to remove the ickies--pollen, dirt, and other nasty things from my horses's ears and nose. Because they are both moist and gentle, he enjoys this grooming task!
Sandy McDonald
I work 60 hours a week on my feet, Sunday is my pamper myself day.
Dorothy Claybourn
I always carry them with me especially in the summer, things just get yucky, especially faces and hands. Wipes can save a day!
Yes I love wipes use them everyday. Only had manicure and pedicure once in my life...
Yes, I love wipes. I use them everyday, most importantly, they are at my fingertips at home & traveling.
Yes they make my life so much easier.
I keep wipes in the car for fast cleanup on my granddaughter' s messy hands and face when she is eating
Taking a trip in the car I always have a full container of wipes as you never know what you are going to come upon. I have saved clothes and car seats by being prepared.
I love wipes. My daughter has a colostomy and I use a lot of them.
Yes, I do. They clean up good and the baby likes them too!
Carolyn Clendenin
Wipes for everything in the car or in the bag around the house goooood!
Wipes are a must have in my house. We use them on everything and for everything.
Tracey Forrest
I use them for everything! Even my dog!
I become ill about 4 years ago and am on oxygen full time. I gave up doing any pampering as I wasn't working anymore. I guess I don't feel like I do enough to earn being pampered...
They come In so handy in so many ways. I used them on both of my kids, I use them in my purse, my bathroom, car, & etc.
I love wipes!
Wipes can be used for just about everything. I especially like them for my smart phone since I am constantly utilizing it in many environments.
Vickie Nichols
Definitely helps with faster clean up.
Yes good to take makeup off
I never thought wipes could be so handy until my girlfriend, Erin and I had our daughter Zoe! I use them from the bathroom to the car!
William Schermbeck
I could not live without them
Linda Hird
Yes I love wipes, I use them for everything, home, car and personal use washing hands, love them !
Carolyn Seales
I always run across mother's who forget their baby wipes and as an old grandma I'm always prepared to hand one to the grateful moms.
Nancy Hunt-McDonald
I love wipes and they help me keep my house clean.
Virginia Patterson
Yes they are great!
Kathryn Mackey
Whatever gets spilled gets wiped up quickly.
I love to use wipes at work when eating lunch.
Megan Geyer
We love wipes because the kids are so messy.
Letessha W
I didn't realize there were face masks...
Cristina Riley
I am kind of messy now that I am disabled...
Definitely will be giving some of these tips a try. Love how simple everything seems to be!!!
So convenient
Linda Kaufmann
Because they help with messy counters or in the bathroom for personal needs.
I love wipes use them every day to take my make-up off
I am disabled and have a difficult time getting to the sink w all my wipes make it much easier when I'm tired to cleanup before bedtime when I have no energy to prepare to clean up.
We use wipes every day at home
Pamela Messick
I use wipes for just about every thing and to feel clean and fresh.
Patricia Waltman
Life is so much cleaner with wipes!
Wendi Mattson
Wipes are purrfect
I do love wipes...however, I will definitely need to try a few of the different facial ones! Thanks for sharing this!
I love wipes because they are so easy to use and sanitary. Just pull one out, wipe down what ever and your done!
Susan King
Oh wow, This is a little embarrassing I think but I am a grown woman and I have always and am sure will continue to Love wipes. They have so many uses from hand wiping, makeup remover, other uses in the bathroom if you know what i mean, when you want that extra besides toilet paper. Well you get the idea. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and they come in real handy when taking care of my patients.
Lucinda Thomas
I used wipes every time in use the bathroom, they leave me feeling fresh and clean.
My car is my workspace so I always keep wipes there. Good to freshen up with and to wipe steering wheel
Helen Scarth
Handy tips, I must try harder.
John Forbes
Never without wipes for my boxer!
I clean my desk with wipes at least once a week. I have a cluttered desk too but am trying to get better.
Wipes serve a purpose which goes beyond cleaning. They encourage kids to develop habits by making hygiene fun and easy.
I do love wipes. I didn't make on time to my redeye flight overseas and when I finally got re-routed I had to stay a long layover at the airport. Luckily I had some wet wipes in my cabin bag so I could freshen up. It really made me feel better.
Regular traveller
I have packages of wipes in every room of my home. Also I carry a package in my purse. I can't go 1 day without them.
I use bum wipes, makeup remover wipes, and baby wipes. So I'd say I use wipes quite a bit for everything. I don't leave home without them. Mostly because of the little ones! They are a life saver to say the least!
Nicole Spain
I use wipes for everything!!!! I used them for the kids runny noses and bottoms at the day care, even for wiping up their hands after they painted. We used them after we ate also! I use them around my house to clean, I use them for not only when I use the restroom for regular things like cleaning my face but also for my menstrual cycles. (It sounds gross, but it's nice to feel clean during that time!) Honestly, life would be miserable without wipes for everything!
Yes not only are they dandy in cleaning up the kiddos there good for a quick wipe down for counters or a dusty dash board! We never leave home w/ out wipes!!
Jessica D.
My face feels so clean & refreshed
You never know when the diarrhoea will strike. In my case I was on Duke of Edinburgh walking through the beautiful Welsh countryside in what was essentially a monsoon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pain feeling like the heart of a burning star ripped through my ass and a great bellowing force followed through into my sodden undies. I stopped in horror, paralysed with fear. In the frenzied panic that ensued, I lost track of time. I therefore can only remember odd details of what happened next, but I seem to recall one thing. Wipes. Without Wipes my fate would have been one of tragedy. But with them... Well, they might just have saved me from mile after mile of squelchy discomfort, and for that I am eternally grateful. God bless you Wipes, God bless you.
I used to be so bad at not washing my Makeup off at the end of the day, but once I got Makeup wipes it made the job so much easier. I'm so glad I got into the habit of cleaning my face because I saw a difference in my complexion almost immediately! Now it's almost impossible for me to go to bed with my Makeup on.
Niki Leon
soft and gentle on skin
Velder Dixon
It makes it so much easier on the run to cleanse your face
Deeper gentle cleaning
Lori Ann
I'm a full time mommy and it's hard for me to completely wash my face or do makeup.. These wipes would be awesome at the end of my day
Wipes changed my life I would still be a farmer eating fried chicken and covered in grease if it weren't for wipes
Makeup remover wipes are a very useful thing to have on that night when you have little to no energy before bed.
I love makeup.
Diana Hernandez
Love love them they have never ever hurt my skin which is extremely delicate.
Love wipes for my face and just about everything. Being a mom now a days is essential to have wipes all the time!
Forgetting to remove make-up before bed. That's why I love wipes the fast and easy to use.
I use wipes for everything! Washing my face, hands, etc. I use them after even just being outside.
Maggie Nikkl
So easy to carry with you. And no access liquid like with washing you're face or using hand sanitizer
I love wipes cause the process is easier and better.
Can't live without them wipes :-)
My beauty sin is not using sunscreen and I've had melanoma twice. I know.
Christy Peeples DuBois
They are the best thing that ever.
Because you can get germs.
Joan Johnson
I can't leave my white heads alone! They must disappear!
Diana Rios
I love the way my face feels. Very smooth, soft and glowing
I sure do.
I can't get enough of the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes in the blue pack...they are just enough for my sensitive skin,not perfumed,and remove my eye makeup perfectly,without a lot of rubbing or pulling (bad for the eye area!)...❤ them! A must-have for me,and the price can't be beat...
Crystal K
I love the feeling of them (:
I love this wipes, are some easy for my daily cleanser my face.
I love exfoliating wipes give that new skin polished look.
I love wipes because they take almost all my makeup and after that i just wash clean my face
Nayely Rucker
Makes my life better
If it wasnt for wipes, then I'd go to sleep with a dirty face!!!
Yes they're awesome
Wipes are the best .... Use them all the time
We have 4 grandchildren and wipes are an essential part of every excursion we take.
George Pow
Wipes are so handy especially when you have kids. Just whip them out of your bag and use and they take up so little room! Always carry them , I do!
Wipes are the best invention ever! They clean shoes, spills , stains on baby's shirt, anything! Just love them.
I do love them. And yes I knew about all of the places mentioned in that article. I'm always cleaning. Thank god my sink is the dressing area of my bathroom. But I've noticed people are brushing their teeth in the shower. There really needs to be more warnings. Thank for the reminder's.
I love wipes I use them for everything cleaning kids, tv, greasy things just about anything
I use wipes everyday!!! From cleaning makeup off my face to wiping hinnies. ....I don't know what I do without them :-)
Nikki Burke
Can't live without wipes for my dogs paws when they come inside after running through mud!
Carl L Smith, Jr
I use wipes on lots of things
I love wipes
I love all kinds of wipes for myself and cleaning too
Tina Markouich
I love love love wipes. I use them for everything!
Dana Bennett
I was taking a walk with my girl friend Joy when I notice that a bird poop on my face. Little wonder the meaning of that until I read those articles. How I wish I will be favoured this week.
I'm obsessed with all kinds of wipes, both for myself and my toddler! :-)
Lori Sexton Leal
Wipes are essential for me! They're much more effective than they seem - one wipe can remove all of my makeup. I discovered this when I had been crying (due to hayfever, don't worry!) one day. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and was shocked to discover I had black mascara smudges all over my eyes. Panicking, I tried to remove them with tissues but they wouldn't help. I dug deeper into my bag and hallelujah! Wipes! Can't tell you how relieved I was.
I think it's fair to say I have a slight addiction to wipes LOL Sure, they're great for changing diapers and wiping messy faces and hands... but I've also been known to also use wipes for taking off my makeup at night, cleaning my dash at traffic lights, to freshen up on hot Summer days, to curl my hair overnight, cleaning grocery cart handles, getting deodorant off of clothes, spot cleaning, and removing hair dye if I get it on my skin.. the list goes on and on! :)
It was NY youngest son's 1st birthday - I worked hard the night before with a beautiful homemade birthday cake with a Choo Choo train on it. oldest son woke up early before we did and poured vinegar all over it!!! I was soo sad about it, what a mess!
Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne
I love "wipes". I have them in the car, which always come in useful. I also put some in my husbands car as well. I carry some in my purse, thankfully, I actually needed them last week when I was picking up some boxes which were very dusty. And then voila, I had clean hands. They are so handy and quite dandy too!!!
Anna Donato
I was on a road trip with my better half and we were going to a special event. Low and behold he spilled his drink on his lap and I could tell he was so upset that he had to attend the special event going in with a huge spill. I told him never fear 'we wipe to the rescue' and I blotted the stain and it removed his drink stain and he walked into the event with the biggest smile. We 'wipes saved' the day.
Carole Jacobs
When traveling in Africa, wipes are a must for removing the dust and for keeping one clean when using the latrine.
Holly C.
I use them everyday!! Keep them in the bathroom, pocketbook and car. When someone at church or traveling with me needs a wipe they always know who to come to. Can't live without them!!!
Janice Scott
I use these wipes everyday for so many things. I wipe down the inside of my car, I wipe down my desk at work. I wipe my hands thoughout the day to clean and freshen them and all that is in addition to the hundreds of uses with the kids.
Monique S
@welovewipes we use #wipes for everything! Right from cleaning mess to keeping mirrors shiny and sparkling, to keep the handles germ free!
My son pulls the whole box of entire wipes out everytime I get new ones they never go back in the same lol
Lynette McMonnell
We Love Wipes is also I love Wipes. Today, we went grocery shopping and as I was loading the groceries into the car, my egg carton slipped from my hands (Darn, there went my Italian Frittata). What a Bleeping Mess!! All over my hands as I tried in vain, to keep the eggs from spilling and all over the back seat of the car. Upset, I realized that eggs can be quite the sticky, icky mess. Then I realized I have wipes in the trunk (for emergencies just like this!). Well, they certainly came in handy. I was able to wipe my hands down, the back seat, as good as I could in this instance. They were so handy to have. (must remember to replace them in the morning) We Heart Wipes are amazing! Thank you, saved the day and my hands and the back seat until I can deep clean anyway!!
Anna Donato
Wipes are an essential part of our every day life, having the company of a great dane, that slobbers all over you and every other surface in the house.
Ellie Thatcher
I swear I use for everything and mostly my granddaughter's butt!! She loves them too - she uses on her toys tablet screen. We don't leave home without wipes, she even wipes where she eats out first!
Merrilyn Merkley
Wipes are the best and are only gonna be the best....I would love for my son to try these.
Kayla lucas
#‎InternationalPicnicDay‬ A couple of years ago,we all went camping to a campground with my family and some friends. We were setting up the picnic table, having just finished barbecuing. As we were sitting down, getting ready to eat, a soccer ball suddenly comes smashing down onto our table and of course everything goes flying. The potatoe salad, the meat, drinks, everything. What a shock, we were all splashed with food and pop. Thank goodness, I always keep wipes in the car. They certainly saved the day. We wiped ourselves down, the table, had a great laugh and just continued on.
Anna Donato
Wipes are the best thing to have been made i use them for house work, my kids, cleaning my shoes and prams. I got a pack in nearly every room of the house and in the car lol. No matter the mess they clean it.
I was diagnosed with COPD 5 years ago and told by my doctor that I stay healthy including stay away from others that might be sick. But we all know how hard that is to do, when you are out shopping and use the carts that everyone else has touched, so I take wipes with me and wipe them off!
Birdie Colleen Trafford
My need for wipes began with the birth of my first child, 4 kids later no more nappies and I still use wipes, for sticky hands, dirty faces, dirty keyboards to getting a stain out of my carpet they are invaluable cant imagine not having a packet to hand!!!
Sharon Brison
With 2 little ones, working from home, and being in school.. I rarely have time for anything.. I need to get things done, multi-task! Sure, wipes are great for cleaning my daughter after a diaper change.. but I also use them for SO much more than that! From wiping down my dash sitting at a traffic light, cleaning messy faces and hands of my littles after a snack in the car.. to wiping down shopping carts and removing my makeup at night.. the uses I find for wipes are just about endless LOL! I keep a pack in my purse, car, diaper bag, and hubby even has a pack in his glove box! Best invention ever!
Before wipes were available I used to carry a wet flannel in my bag for those sticky dirty moments. So often I would forget it was in there and wonder what the awful smell was.
It would be a stinky proposition without wipes. It already is but I don't know what I'd do without them.
Aaron Reck
There's no better camping essential - wipes have helped me survive 15 Glastonbury Festivals!
Wins are a every day part of my life. I have five children. They keep us clean and non sticky. Fresh and rejuvenated. They make my life so much better.
Melanie smith
Before I had my first baby, my mom told me not to get wipes because she has heard all sorts of bad stories about it. that it's not good for your skin and that she didn't use it on us when we were young. Well, I have to say SORRY, MOM!! The time has changed and wipes are the IN THING now. It's the only thing that I carry with me EVERYWHERE I go. I feel lost without it. I have OCD and it really helps me a lot especially when I am out and about with my kids.
Eve Khoo
With small children.wipes are awesome and the way to go
Velder Dixon
The last time we went shopping, we stopped and bought the baby some french fries. Well they always give you ketchup. I moved in the car and sat on a envelope of them. Ketchup all over me, the baby and the car seat. Thank god for wet wipes.
Barbara Riffe
I find wipes the most multifunctional item to use! From wiping dirty faces to cleaning surfaces and beyond. Wipes are an everyday essential and are always in my bathroom, kitchen and handbag!
I am a Nana to 2 little girls and a Mom to 5 but I love to use wipes for my 2 pups who either need their bums cleaned or could use a little freshening up :)
Alayne Langford
I buy them for my grandson and also for myself to clean the inside of my car!
Cindy Thurman
While eating lunch and watching an airshow on a hot tarmac, I realized I forgot to bring napkins. While I sat looking at my greasy hands, wondering how I was going to handle this situation, a friend leaned over with a package of wipes and offered one to me. The wipes cleaned my hands quickly and were so refreshing in the hot sun.
I went to the nursery to buy some plants and I didn't realize how damp they were on the bottom and putting them in the car, my hands and of course the truck mat got all dirty. Voila, out come the wipes and everything came out clean.
I keep the wipes on hand for everyday woopsies. There is the wiping down of things touched by messy hands and the wiping down of things that got dusty. I also have them in the car for any snacking woopsies while on the road. I love them and can't live without them.
Monique Seifullin
I had gone to my knitting class and on the way home on Monday evening, I thought I would stop by the grocery store. I bought among other grocery items a massive watermelon (it is summer after all). Got it into the buggy okay but trying to get it into the trunk, it was so heavy and a bit slippery, it slipped out of my hands and splat on the ground. Juice, watermelon pieces all over my legs. Yech. But, thank goodness for we love wipes. They came in handy, cleaned myself up and was able to get into the car without making the seat all dirty. What a waste of a watermelon! Store had just closed too!
I have always used wipes for everything and they are perfect for cleaning things.
We loved him so very much. He became part of our family and that is how we spoiled him, he became one of us.
Anna Donato
My first and last camping trip involved waking up in the middle of a hot night in a tent to the sound of something rummaging around nearby. After slowly getting up and peeking out we realized we should lay low. It was a skunk! Now I camp at Holiday Inn!
Cindy Thurman
Worst camping trip ever was getting stranded on the way to the camp site. The car broke down in the middle of nowhere. We were about 3 hrs away from home. We all thought it was a great idea to eat trail mix along the way. We forgot this brand of trail mix included raisins, prunes, flaxseeds and cranberries. Needless to say we took to the sides of the woods in a HURRY! Some were not fast enough to make it. One of the funniest laughs after everything was said and done....was a friend yelling out of the woods if he could borrow clothes. He had to abandon his and with a small car...we thanked him for doing that.
I spoil my pomeranian Papoy by giving him healthy treats and once in awhile giving him human food he can eat! :)
Karen Gonzalez
I was at a Festival, and woke up in a completely different tent to my own! I had been wearing a cream summer dress.Wetwipeless I hope that's mud a sat in!!!!
Morowa Brenya
My husband and I went camping at a beautiful location on the water in the mountains... well we went in August. in Tennessee... it got up to 100 degrees!!! No matter what we did we were dying! We set up a huge camp too! We would sneak in to the swimming hole late at night to try to cool off but the water was so warm!! Our 5 day camping trip turned into a 2 day sweat-lodge!!
Brittany Cates
Went camping a few years ago in Early October. When we got there it was 70 degrees. Within 24 hours the weather changed and started snowing. We where sleeping in a big army tent. We all went to bed and in the middle of the night my father in law started yelling "Get off my hair". There was no one pulling his hair, He's hair was frozen to the ground. We still laugh at that one.
Barbara Riffe
Worst camping experience was when I was a little kid and we were camping up north and Dad and I were playing catch with a baseball .....I just missed it and it ticked off my glove right into my face , tons of blood everywhere and a broken nose to boot ! lol
Birdie Colleen Trafford
We used to go camping every weekend when we were little. So much fun, but one weekend, on the way to a camping site, my sister opened a box of chocolates that was in the little cooler by our feet. She didn't say anything, no one noticed until....her face, clothes, hands, well just about everything was covered in chocolate....We Love Wipes sure would have come in handy. We Love Wipes, where were you when we needed you?
Anna Donato
My husband and I love hiking so much but we've not been able to go hiking since our son was born. So when he was about 9 months old, we brought him along when we went hiking. We were having so much fun until we smelled something funky. We thought there were some dead animal somewhere so we tried smelling it our way to the source. it turned out to be our son!! He had a blown diaper and he was in a mess. Lucky for us we always bring wipes with us. We had him cleaned up there and continued with our journey.
Jeevon Kay
Worst camping was when we forgot sunscreen. I was burned like a tomato :(
We went ‪#‎camping‬ while at the same time a tornado hit just west of us and we sure did feel the repercussions! We slept in the car that night while most of our supplies were swept away!! We sure could have used wipes to clean up what was left of our stuff!! Not to mention, for ourselves!!
Alayne Langford
I always carry wipes in my bag as they are useful for when I am out with my children and they always get messy.
My favourite summer activity is to get on board a boat and sail out to see the bird life on the cliffs and any marine life that's out there. If its a sunny day, there is nothing better and it makes for a great holiday.
Chris Hunt
I'm continually being caught out teaching in rooms without board rubbers. Thank goodness I always have a pack of wipes to hand! I can be confident that I will always start each session with a clean white board to write up my pearls of wisdom.
Wipes are essential with a young family. Summer brings faces and hands with ice cream or melted chocolate all over them . A quick wipedown with a wipe and all is clean again!
Jane Wilson
My story isn't funny, just thankful that they come in all different sizes and packaging. I keep some of the individual packaged at my desk for emergencies, a bigger box in the bathroom and there is 1 and sometimes even 2 for our autos!
Rebecca Sovine
Wipes are an essential for every trip with kids never know when you next need them ..especially with exploding nappies when they are tiny! Been saved many times by wipes!!
Fiona Johnson
The end of thumb sucking for my brother, my brother sucked his thumb constantly, removing it from his mouth to stare at a flock of pigeons flying overhead, yes it happened a bird pooped on his thumb, my mum thought someone had been giving him ice cream, I screamed and the wipes came into action. Yes the end of thumb sucking for my brother !
Pamela Hutchinson
I eat a bit messily, so I get food that falls on my t-shirt often. One day, I was eating pasta bolognese with a friend who saw that I had a stain on my shirt. I just grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned off the stain while it was still fresh. No stain afterwards! My friend now keeps wet wipes with her at all times just in case it happens to her too!
Wipes saved the day. We were travelling in the car, no where near anything/anywhere and the dog in the back seat started to throw up. We had nothing in the car to clean it up. Everyone evacuated the car. However, we did have wipes - thanks goodness because being in the car with 2 kids and sick dog for several more hours wouldn't have been very awful!
Marlene V.
When the Mister discovered wipes it was an exciting day for all. With one swipe of a wipe the magic begins. No chore is too small or too big. Even his beloved car gets the swipe wipe treatment.
Mary Preston
Me and my wipes are off to Hawaii, I don't travel anywhere without them, love love love them, my grandchildren used to laugh when they saw them placed in the bathroom now there using them, used to be for babies but not any more.
My youngest child decided to spill his drink all over our hire car when we were on vacation. Luckily the wipes that I had to hand meant that I could speedily clean and no lasting damage was caused!
Recently renewed car, fiancé concerned when heard that bird poo can damage paintwork. Wipes have been used to successfully clean and protect the car paintwork, much to fiance's delight.
Rachel Craig
I still carry around a travel pack of anti-bacterial wipes in my purse even though my kids are older now. They have come in handy because the kids are still messy at times! Ok, caught me! I'm STILL messy at times too! We love the convenience of Wet Wipes to clean up our messy moments!