The Science Stuff 

There’s a lot of interesting work undertaken before you can buy a pack of wipes. Nonwoven material has to be manufactured, optimal lotion for the wipe has to be selected, and then the wipes have to be packaged before being distributed to shops and stores. Find out more about these processes in our articles below.


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Did you know there are hundreds of different types of wipes for everyday purposes? 


To flush or not to flush?

Have you ever wondered what happens every time you flush the toilet? Most people have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ m...

Have you ever wondered how do toilets work in space?

Have you ever actually wondered how astronauts go to the loo in space?

The Nappy Hydrogel Experiment

First of all, you’re probably thinking – what are hydrogels & what do they have to do with nappies? Well, we’re here to educate.

The Science Behind Nonwovens

What are nonwovens? In simple terms, nonwovens are engineered materials made from multiple fibers that are fused or bonded together. This means th...

Radio-Decontamination Wipes - They Really Do Exist!

Don’t get these mixed up with your regular facial cleansing wipe! Perhaps you’ve never heard of these kinds of wipes, but we promise you – they re...

We Love Wipes World of Nonwovens

Wipes can be used to clean and dust pretty much anywhere in your household. Glass, wood, upholstery, worktops, white goods, plants, blinds – you n...

Love wipes as much as we do?!

So what have you learnt about all the different kinds of wipes? Baby wipes, make-up wipes, nuclear contamination wipes (yes really) and tea bags -...

Which wipes kill norovirus?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what Norovirus is. Norovirus is a single-stranded, non-enveloped, RNA virus that is the most common cause of...

We Love Wipes: Ask The Experts

So the majority of you all know who we are, what we do and the reasons we are running the We Love Wipes campaign - well, we hope you do!

Wiping in Space!

Space – the eternal void stretching beyond imagination. However, travelling and living can get a little cramped.