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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Jun 18 2014
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How does the expression go…“You only live once”? We’ve all heard this phrase at some point in our lives and it’s something that’s easier said than done.

A lot more people are becoming more adventurous and using their personal time to explore new opportunities and do things that they’ve never done before. This is also known as a ‘bucket list’ where people compile a list of things they want to do or see before they die. The nice thing about it is that there is no particular time or date when each thing needs to be done, it just happens when the opportunity strikes but also a good motivational factor to plan to do something.

We’ve browsed some of the top and interesting things that are popular on bucket lists which we’d like to share with you all.

Go Skydiving

Skydiving is another popular ‘to-do’ on most people’s bucket lists because it’s different, exciting and not a lot of people can say they’ve literally fallen out of the sky! What’s great about skydiving is that you don’t have to do it alone; you can fall with a group of friends and the freedom to literally move around as much as you like in the sky really test your acrobat movements.

Go Paint balling

If you enjoy an exhilarating adrenaline rush and have a high pain tolerance then this should definitely be on your bucket list. The ability to run, hide, shoot and duck at the same time can be a challenge at first but once you really get into the game, it becomes all about annihilating your enemies and the pain of a paintball hitting you at 120mph? It’s all part of the fun. Your bruises will be your war wounds of victory when you’ve won your battle of wiping out the other team. Just don’t forget to bring the wipes with you when the paint splatters all over your hands.

Go zip lining

Zip lining is not only a half-decent workout for you but also a fun way to get people together and make an amusing memory out of it. Whether you’re scared of heights or not, it’s a great opportunity to test your skills and ability to get from one end to another. If you’re not familiar with what zip lining is, it is basically a thrilling outdoor activity whereby the rider wears a harness that is securely connected by a carabiner and pulley system, to a cable suspended high above the ground. The rider than glides along the cable to the other side for a exciting and exhilarating experience. Zip lining is mostly done to access remote areas, such as the rainforest but there are many places all over the world that do this activity for fun in smaller areas.

Visit Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls is really something, especially when you get up and close to see the views of the waterfalls crashing onto the rocks. Niagara Falls is the collective name for 3 waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States, more specifically, between the province of Ontario and New York.

Messy Twister

You can’t beat a good ol’ game of Twister and everyone has played this game at least once in their lifetime. To make it even more fun and interesting, why not put the colours of the paint on each circle on the mat (so blue paint on blue, red paint on red etc). This will sure keep things interesting but just make sure that you do it somewhere that you can make a mess of i.e. outside. As well, don’t forget about the large pack of wipes to wipe all that paint off you!

Go swimming with dolphins

Another favourite ‘to-do’ on most people’s bucket list, but who wouldn’t want to swim with one of the friendliest animals on Earth. It’s something that can be done specially with a loved one, with your best friend or with your family but either way, it’s definitely something that most people should experience once in their life.

Climb the Great Wall of China

'He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man', as this famous Chinese saying goes, the Great Wall of China, a great engineering marvel, always attracts throngs of adventurous tourists from all over the world.Climbing the Great Wall of China is one of the greatest tourist attractions when in China. Not only does it hold some amazing history, it is a great workout to hike all the way to the top. If this is already on your do-do list then make sure you read up on the history as well as travelling tips on the safety of hiking to the top. Since it is one of the more exciting as well as long hikes, it’s always important to take bottles of water at the risk of dehydration and body refreshing wipes to cool you down.

Camp out under Northern Lights…in an igloo

Northern Lights are a beautiful sight if you’re lucky enough to see it. In Finland, there is an Igloo village that features glass-roofed tops from which guests can watch the Northern Lights. It would definitely be an experience of a lifetime to see this and how many people can say they’ve camped in an igloo? But there are other places you can see Northern Lights too where you could camp out in the middle of nowhere to catch a glimpse of the ‘Merry Dancers’ as it’s commonly known.

 Dine in a ‘Michelin Star’ restaurant

If you’re not sure what a ‘Michelin Star’ represents then it is basically a ‘hallmark’ of fine dining quality and restaurants around the world and the higher the star ranking, the better. These types of restaurants stretch across the globe but not too many exist as it is quite exclusive to restaurants so if you plan on going somewhere special or have a very special occasion coming up then why not splurge at a Michelin Star restaurant? It will always be something to remember and an experience that not many people can say they’ve done.

Go grape stomping

What’s not fun about squashing grapes with your feet and making homemade grape juice? It’s definitely not on everyone’s ‘to-do’ list but if the opportunity presents itself, you’ll most likely not say no to stomp on some grapes. The thought of having something squishy and wet on your feet and in-between your toes sounds absolutely disgusting but again, when are you ever going to say you stomped grapes with your own bare feet…than drank it?

So there you have it, a compiled list of some of the weird and interesting things to do add on to your to-do list. Of course there are thousands of different things you can do and see and you might not be able to every single one of them but the thought of wanting to do them is enough to really consider them one day in the near future.

What is on your bucket list?

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