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10 ways to freshen up after sex

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 3 2017
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We all know that sex can get messy, and while you probably aren’t thinking about it during the deed freshening up properly afterwards is essential.

A little while ago we asked the We Love Wipes community how they tidy themselves up after sex. We’ve compiled the most common post-coitus cleanup answers below. Which of these sound most familiar to you?

Grab some tissues: An obvious answer but one of the most sensible. Tissues are there to clean and clean they do. Keep a box near the side of the bed (or wherever else you may decide to get amorous) and you can freshen up in a matter of seconds. When you’re done just thrown them in the bin. Easy!

Take a shower: If a handful of tissues doesn’t do the job, then you might need a quick shower. You’ll definitely feel clean afterwards, however waddling to the bathroom after you’ve finished up probably isn’t the sexiest way to end proceedings.

There are always wipes: Our favourite. Intimate wipes are great for a clean up. They are quick to use and really freshen you up! You can even find products for men and women, matched to their pH.

Erm…socks: Yes, you have read that right. Some of you confessed you’re just grabbing your socks from the floor. We do hope that they end up in the washing basket immediately afterwards rather than on your feet!

Peeing: A lot of ladies say that they make sure to go to the loo after sex as it helps to prevent urinary tract infections. Just remember to close the door behind you when you’re going. Seeing your beloved on the toilet can be a real mood killer.

Put your underwear on: Some of you admitted that immediately after the act, you just put your underwear back on. That may not be so bad for the boys, but ladies we've got one word for you - Eww!

Where’s my wash cloth: A damped wash cloth is a great way to clean up after sex, but not always the most convenient thing to have to hand unless your tryst has been meticulously planned in advance.

Use a tampon: This one might seem a bit out there, but bear with us... Some of you said that they just use a tampon for about 10 minutes afterwards to help them clean up. Not so crazy as it first seemed!

Step two - pantyliners: Sometimes wipes and tissues may not do the whole job, in which case a pantyliner can be a great in the event there are still a surprise or two just waiting for the right moment to make an appearance. They can also come in handy if, for whatever reason, you need to leave the scene really quickly. It’s okay, we’re not judging you.

Nothing: This is actually more common than you would think. Understandably the romantics out there find that they would rather stay cuddling for a little while after sex, rather than have to jump out of bed and freshen up.

Have we missed one? If you’ve got a great post-sex cleanup tip that you’re not too embarrassed about sharing publicly then you can always contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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