3 Wise Men - What they should have brought… (21st Century Edition!)

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 21 2013
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Excpecting the arrival of a prince or princess? Then these are the perfect gifts for them (and the wise men should have brought)!

Picking out the perfect gift for a newborn can be quite tricky because there are so many different wonderful gifts to choose from that it can be hard to pick the right one. Many mothers would probably prefer to receive practical gifts such as clothes and useful baby accessories. To help you on your next baby venture, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 useful baby items perfect for a newborn mother.

  1. Baby Clothes - It is amazingly scary on how fast a baby grows in and out of onesies so more is never too much when we’re dealing with baby clothes. A good tip is to buy clothes a little bigger than what their actual age is, for example, if the baby is literally a newborn they’re bound to get tonnes of newborn onesies but prepare their next stage with 0-3months onesies and if the baby is 3 months, buy 3-6months and so on.
  2. Nappies (or for our wonderful American audience - Diapers!) - The lovingly dreaded part of a baby, new mothers could never really have enough of these nifty things. Unfortunately, it has to be done and they can be very expensive so these would definitely come in handy as a gift and you can even get a little creative and present them into fancy ‘nappy cakes’- research it - they’re fancier than what they sound!
  3. Bibs, Bibs and More Bibs - When you’ve got a baby in one hand and bottle in another, you just never know where half of that milk is going to end up - on them, on you or on the floor - Anywhere! So bibs will definitely come in handy to be stored in all rooms of the house because you just never know when the baby decides they’re hungry again.
  4. Baby Bottles - These are always practical when some go missing or crack so new mothers would probably be very grateful if they received these because you really could never have enough of these.
  5. Pacifiers - Again, these are practical for any mother and surely wouldn’t mind receiving 100’s of these as a gift because they easily get lost or dirty, so having an extra on hand is always helpful.
  6. Baby Blanket - What baby doesn’t need a soft blanket? All of them do! A newborn mother can never have enough of cute and cosy blankets.
  7. Bouncy Seat - A bouncy baby seat will come in handy if you need to get little jobs done whilst still keeping an eye on your baby. Babies loved to be bounced to sleep which means it’s easy for you to gently bounce them with your feet whilst you catch up on some other important things. Plus, the lighter the seat, the better - it means you can transport it around easily.
  8. A good pump - A great gift for working mothers that wish to breastfeed or even for stay at home mothers. It’s practical to freeze a stash for all those emergencies and great for when your baby manages to sleep through the night and you feel like your breasts are about to explode.
  9. Baby Toys - A baby can be very limited to what they can play with but its okay for the parents to try and entertain them in any way. Rattles are always a fail-safe toy for them and ideal for when they get older.
  10. Finally - The Almighty Wipes! - The ultimate essential that all mothers need in every single bag, in all the rooms of the house and one permanently near the baby at all times. A mother will go through 100+ packs of wipes before the1st birthday with wet wipes being pretty much practical for all things sticky, dirty and germy - and that’s not just the baby!

So here you have it, the top 10 essential items for a new born mother and practical in all way for mother and baby. But don’t forget that a new born mother will always, always be appreciative with whatever gift that you give!

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