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4 things you probably didn’t know about boob sweat

Posted on May 29 2018
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Summer is here and things are heating up. That means women are having to do battle with one of the lesser discussed issues resulting from warm weather - boob sweat.

Boob sweat is a real difficulty year round, however during the summer things can really start to get uncomfortable.

While it’s a common issue for women, few people discuss. That may all be about to change, as the team at Swoobie have undertaken research on the real impact of boob sweat and the results are, well, pretty interesting!

Stat 1 - 82% of women have experience boob sweat regularly

A staggering four fifths of women have to do battle with sweat in this sensitive area on a somewhat frequent basis. Perspiring may be a part of life, however boob sweat is incredibly uncomfortable for the woman who has wear a damp bra. Not to mention the fact that repeated sweaty episodes can leave your bra smelling pretty gross.

Stat 2 - The most common way to manage it is to just leave it

65% of women tolerate this icky feeling and allow their bra to absorb the moisture. This solution, which doesn’t sound like much of a solution to us, is by far and away the most common way women deal with boob sweat. 32% of women give the effected areas a wipe when needed, whereas other ways to combat the problem included using antiperspirant and lining bras with paper towels!

Stat 3 - More than 30% of women experience irritation

As a result of having to live with boob sweat, almost one third of women say they have experienced irritation under their breasts. Common complaints include heat rash, sores caused by wet rubbing underwires and even fungal infections.

Stat 4 - Only 9% of women have never experienced it

Lucky them!

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