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5 ways to use guacamole this National Guacamole Day!

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Sep 12 2016
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Guacamole is delicious. Enjoy it in these 5 amazing ways... 


It is National Guacomole day on the 16th September, and you have all the reasons to celebrate it! The delicious dip was first created by Aztecs in Mexico and is still a popular part of modern Mexican cuisine today. In addition to its usage in South America, it has become a much-loved dish and condiment to the rest of the world. There are many ways to use guacamole, and what better way to try it than on its own day? We have gathered 5 different ways for you to try guacamole today that we are sure you are going to love! 

The base recipe: 

- Two ripe avocados 
- 1 large ripe tomato 
- ½ a red onion, finely chopped 
- 1 chilli, finely chopped 
- Juice of 1 large lime 
- Maldon salt and pepper to taste
- Handfull chopped coriander/cilantro, plus a little extra to serve. 

How to make guacamole:
1. Use a large knife to halve and stone the avocados and scoop the flesh into a bowl. Make sure you save the stone.
2. Finely chop the tomato and put into the bowl.
3. Put the rest of the ingredients into the bowl
4. Use a whisk to mash everything together. If you want a smoother guacamole, you can use a hand mixer.
5. Put into a bowl. If you are not serving it straight away, put the stone in the guacamole and cover it with cling film. This will make sure it does not go brown. When serving sprinkle a bit of coriander on top, and it is good to go!

As a snack:
Easy and quick. Get some tortilla chips of your choice and dip it in the guacamole. Perfect as a snack for a Friday night movie or at a picnic.

On your tacos:
This goes for any other Mexican dish such as fajitas and quesadillas as well. Use it as a side or a filling in the wraps. If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out. We promise it is amazing.

On toasted bread:
Not what you think to have on your toast in the morning, but it is a nice treat any time of the day. Make sure you get some nice freshly baked bread of your choice and use the guacamole as a spread. To take it to the next level, put some bacon or smoked salmon on top. 

In the 5 layer dip:
Another Mexican winner. This is the king of dips and is almost a meal in itself. Get a can of refried black beans, sour cream, salsa and some shredded cheese. Layer the dip in a deep dish starting with the beans, then guacamole, sour cream, salsa and sprinkle the cheese on top.

On a burger:
Barbeque season is not quite finished yet. So why not try guacamole as a burger topping next time you fire up the grill. Put a slice of tomato, red onions and some grilled sweetcorn on top to make the burger complete.

Oh, and in case you might not have realised, guacamole can be very messy, so have the wipes ready in case you spill. Sometimes, the more guacamole, the better so having some hand wipes around is definitely a must.

Do you have any other ways to use guacamole? Let us know on Twitter at @welovewipes! 


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