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6 fast fixes for makeup boo boos

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Apr 22 2013
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Do you ever have those “Doh!” moments when it comes to makeup? Those little hiccups from time to time?

I sure do. Audrey a freelance makeup artist shares her 'six fast fixes for common makeup mishaps'. Do you have a secret/favorite makeup fix?

Boo Boo #1: Glitter Fallout

The Boo Boo — I recently busted out my Urban Decay Naked palette and was in the process of applying the Sidecar shade across my lids when I saw them: tiny flecks of glitter. Grrrr… That’s definitely one of my makeup pet peeves, and although I did my best to tap off any excess from the brush before applying, there were still tiny flecks of glitter all over my cheeks.

The Fix — If you can’t wipe them away with a clean brush, here’s a trusty trick (I mentioned it before in a previous post). Just grab your Scotch tape, tear off some small pieces, and lightly press them to your face. It picks up all of the tiny bits of glitter while preserving my makeup.

Boo Boo #2: Stray hairs on your face

The Boo Boo — I like to use a wide variety of brushes from drugstore to high end, and, on rare occasions, one of my brushes will shed, leaving a tiny hair (or perhaps a stray eyelash) on my (or my client’s) face. Sometimes, you can simply brush them away; other times, you’re tempted to scrape them off, but that would probably not end well. 

The Fix — I learned this quick tip at a MAC Pro Master Class. Simply take a clean spoolie brush or a disposable mascara wand, and lightly run it across the face. It will pick up that bad boy straight away.

Boo Boo #2: Dry gel eyeliner

The Boo Boo — Don’t you hate it when you notice that your favorite gel eyeliner doesn’t apply as smoothly as it used to? It might just be a little dried out, but there has to be a way to salvage it, right?

The Fix — I took my problem to Twitter to see what my makeup community there had to say. I got a lot of great tips, like mixing it with a bit of either baby oil or Visine, or even heating it up with a hair dryer. I ended up taking the easy way out. I took my brush and scraped off the top layer of a section of the pot, wiping away the excess on a tissue, and what remained underneath was the creamy gel eyeliner I love. Sure, it’s a tad wasteful, but not as much as throwing it away would have been. Plus, it takes me forever to go through one of those pots anyway. 

Boo Boo #4: Dried up makeup wipes

The Boo Boo — Ah, here we are again with the drying problem! I personally love using makeup wipes to remove my makeup before cleansing my face. It’s nice to remove every single drop of makeup, including that pesky eyeliner and mascara that would be hard to remove with facial cleanser alone. The problem is then going to grab the next wipe and finding that it’s bone dry because all of the moisture has soaked down to the bottom. Doh!

The Fix — Just flip it! Store your container of makeup wipes upside down. That way the top one always sits at the bottom, moist and ready to use.

Boo Boo #5: Stubborn dirty brushes

The Boo Boo — Most of my brushes are pretty easy to clean, especially the ones I use with powder eyeshadows. But every now and then, one of them refuses to return to its original pristine condition. For me, that’s usually my lip brush — especially after I’ve used it to apply one of those long-lasting lip colors (go figure).

The Fix — When standard cleaners like brush cleansers and baby shampoo have failed, head to the kitchen! Olive oil will do the trick. Place a small amount on a paper towel, and rub your brush in it. I’ve seen it erase the most stubborn of stains! And, on one desperate occasion, I was even able to get the job done with Pam! Who knew!

Boo Boo #6: Broken blush

The Boo Boo — You might drop one or have it crack during travel, or maybe you just wore it down to bits and pieces. What do you do when you get stuck with a broken blush?

The Fix — Here’s a tip I picked up from celebrity makeup artist Maya Shapiro. I haven’t had a need to try it yet (knock on wood!), but it’s so brilliant and simple that I had to pass it along. Maya recommends crushing the rest of the blush into a powder and then mixing it with a little bit of Vaseline. Presto! Almost like having a brand new lipgloss. 

Via Makeup and Beauty Blog

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