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4 Weird Asian Beauty Products You Need To Try

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 31 2017
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We’ve looked to the Far East and discovered some weird and wonderful beauty products that we know you’ll be desperate to try!

The Far East is well known for being the home of cutting edge technology, so it’s no surprise that this ingenuity has made its way into their beauty products. That means that their regimes are not only innovative but a little bit odd too!

With that in mind we decided to spend a little bit of time finding four of the most unusual items from Asia that could potentially aid you on your quest for the perfect face, nose and, err, breasts!

Facial Slimmer

Now we’re not for one moment suggesting that you need to lose a bit of weight around the jawline, but if you did then this product could be right up your street. Simply place the silicone lips in your mouth and say vowel sounds for 3 minutes every day to get the chiselled look.

Sauna Face Mask

This mask is five layers thick and designed to do one thing - make you sweat. The idea is that this routine will help you look rejuvenated without having to spend time sitting in the sauna.

Nose Shaper

No, this is not a Medieval torture device. The nose shaper is meant to do exactly what it says - shape your nose. The device straightens and lifts it by applying gentle vibrations to your nose.

Breast Sheet Masks

Created using non-woven and designed specifically for your breasts, these masks come in many diff erent varieties. They claim to do a range of different things, such as firming, anti-ageing and lifting.

Now you’ve seen them tell us which of these four would you like to give a go. If you have used any of these bizarre beauty products then we’d love to hear about your experience! Get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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