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5 Beauty Tips To Combat Acne

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Sep 14 2017
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We all suffer from acne at some point during our lives, however for many people these breakouts don’t end after puberty.

Some people fight with hormonal acne until their fifties. It can be horrible to live with acne-prone skin, but there are ways that you can fight back and minimize the impact. Here are five tips to help you combat those pimples!

Don’t pop

Your mom probably told you not to pop your pimples and guess what? She was right! No matter how tempting it is keep your hands off your acne. Picking at these spots can not only irritate your face more in the short term, but can also cause scarring which is a much larger problem than acne.

Don’t scrub

There is such a thing as too much scrubbing. While exfoliating can help get rid of acne by helping to get rid of those dead skin cells and clogged pores, doing it too often can inflame the skin and lead to even more breakouts.

Choose the right face cleaning products

Some face washes can actually contribute to breakouts, so make sure you select the correct one. Those containing salycic acid are good at combating acne, because they treat it below the surface area of the skin. If you’re looking for a natural alternative that’s just as mild then products containing tea tree oil are also good. There’re also acne pads which are easy to use for both cleaning and treatment.

Combat dandruff

Acne and dandruff both have different causes, but many people experience them at the same time. Both are caused by excess oil production, however did you know dandruff can make acne worse? Flaky skin falling onto your forehead and face can contribute to clogged pores, which can result in breakouts.

Clean your phone

We already know how mucky your phone is (link to blog), so it’s no surprise that rubbing it up against your face while you chat to your friends can transfer the dirt and grime to your face. Make sure you wipe your phone down regularly with an anti-bacterial wipe and use cleansing wipes on your face.

If your acne infects or you think your careful skin care at home doesn’t help you a visit to dermatologist is recommended.

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