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DIY Hair coloring

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 21 2017
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Want to change your hair color over the weekend and it’s not payday yet? We’ve been there and know this cannot wait so here are some tips.

1. Do some research

And don’t just jump into it. As excited as a change might be, you still need to do a bit of research to make sure you get the color you wanted and have NO REGRETS.

We don’t want to be this guy..

So, consult your friends and see what products they have used in the past and how successful they were or just search the world wide web. The internet nowadays has all the answers and we are sure you will find the right guidance.

Very important, if you’re a working professional, double check your hair color will be in-between guidelines. Last thing you want is to come excited into work only to be asked to leave as your hair color is not deemed ‘professional’.

2. Pick your color

And be realistic. Before you go searching for the right dye, know what your natural shade is. This will help you identify which colors you can achieve and which are too much for a DIY. Rome wasn’t built in a day so as much as you would love to go for a big transformation, a drastic color change can’t be achieved overnight.

Don’t know which shade will suit you best? We suggest you have a little adventure in the wig shop and try them all. Who knows, you might find a color which suits you best and you haven’t even considered? Plus, if you bring a friend along you do not only make your color dye shopping session quite a day, but also get a second opinion on your change.

3. Use the right type of dye

And identify the right formula. To lower your hair damage and make sure the dye is best suitable for your hair and skin sensitivity, have a little research. For example, foam dyes are best for women with sensitive skin since the formula won’t drip onto the face or hairline and women with thick hair have better luck with gel or liquid formulas which offers full coverage.

If you are going for a shade you have not tried before, it is not advised to choose a permanent dye but a semi-permanent one. So, in any case you are not pleased with the results, it won’t take a lot of effort to remove it and you won’t damage your hair extensively. Also, remember to go for a lighter color than the one you see on the box. Very often people are surprised they do not achieve the right color and after weeks of washing your hair you get there only to have to dye it again because of your roots. So, want the shade now? Go for lighter!

4. Prepare a hair treatment

And take care of it. This means masks which will rejuvenate and strengthen your hair through the process. Some dyes have special formulas which help thicken your hair, so if you have thin hair you should consider that aspect as well.

Also, make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are now appropriate for your type of hair. Some colors are harder to maintain than others so it is recommended you use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner which will not strip the color away and still protect and hydrate your hair. 

Lastly, try to protect it from outdoor influential factors. Most important ones: Sun and pool water! We all know that during the summer our hair just naturally gets lighter because of the sun, and if you’re not looking to get some highlights in your hair we recommend you use sun-protection products. The more influential ‘friend’ of the sun is pool water. Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. Ever wondered why a blonde can go to green? This is why... So, we suggest you sit nicely by the pool for at least a week or two after dying your hair.

And Before You Start

6. Prepare your work space

And prepare your gear! Dying hair can be made simple when you have the right utensils. So follow instructions, make sure you have everything in reach and get those WIPES ready! Why wipes? Because dyeing hair can become a messy business and you want to be able to correct any mistakes in time, including:

  • Wipe dye that might have dropped on your skin using facial cleaning? wipes - you don’t want no funny Dalmatian spots
  • Wipe dye that might have fallen on your sink/ furniture/ clothes using household cleaning wipes - you want to move fast as less time means less damage

Using wipes will make it more convenient as you don’t have to feel sorry for ruining your favorite towel or remove your skin rubbing for ages trying to correct your mistakes.

Ready for that hair intervention?

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