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There’s a lot of interesting work undertaken before you can buy a pack of wipes. Nonwoven material has to be manufactured, optimal lotion for the wipe has to be selected, and then the wipes have to be packaged before being distributed to shops and stores. Find out more about these processes in our articles below.


Do wipes expire?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jun 20 2017
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When buying bread and milk we tend to reach to the back of the fridge or shelf because we want the few extra days of life out of the product. But while fresh food expires quickly, just how long do wet wipes last?

Unlike food which only lasts a matter of days, most wipes last longer. If you check the back of the packaging, you can find the shelf-life of your products denoted by an special icon. As many baby wipes are filled with lotion the packages can last for up to 2 years unopened and 3 months open. Make up removal wipes typically expire after 1 year unopened and 3-6 months open. 

Other wipes may last even longer, but in general the longer the pack is open the more wet wipes can begin to lose moisture. This also has an impact on their effectiveness when you come to use them. If you have wipes you don’t use very often, such as silver polishing wipes or electronic cleaning wipes, one trick to prevent products from drying out is to store the packages upside down. Storing them like this will make the seal of the packaging hold better. Some wipes products i.e. baby wipes come in durable plastic container with special lids, which really helps keep the wipes moist for longer.

An alternative to wet wipes that avoid the problem of drying out is dry compressed wipes. These come in much smaller packaging, and it’s up to you to add water as and when you need to use them.  Once wet they expand, giving you a usable wet wipe.

You should also look out for other symbols on wet wipe packages such as the ‘recycle’ icon which means the packaging is capable of being recycled, however it might not be accepted in all recycling collection systems. If the icon is shown with a percentage in the middle of it this is to explain that the packaging contains a certain amount of recycled material. The ‘do not flush’ icon and the ‘tidyman’ icon indicate how you’re meant to dispose of your wipes. 

We recommend that you always check the instructions on the wipes packaging to find out if they are past their expiry date.  How do you keep your wipes moist for longer?

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If you store wipes upside down not only does the seal work better but the wipes are moist when you take them out because they have been in the moisture.
Tue October 24 2017
Interesting article, good information. I hadn't even considered wipes having a best before date
Tue October 24 2017
Very interesting, I would not have thought they had an expiry date
Tue October 24 2017
Great information
Tue October 24 2017
Wipes are so veratile and clean
Mon October 23 2017
Interesting reading.
Thu October 12 2017