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Host a winning World Cup party!

Posted on Jun 14 2018
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The soccer World Cup, one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar, is just about to kick off!

The World Cup is the perfect excuse to get your friends and family around for a soccer-themed party!

Here are some great ideas you can use to make sure your party hits the target…

Give your party that big game feel by creating your own tickets

This is a novel idea that will make your guests feel like they are attending the hottest party in town. It’s really simple to do. You can even create tickets via your smartphone or computer. Let the family have their input with the design and rather than waste paper by printing them all out, send it via text or email to show at the door!

Keep it Clean!

Like with all parties, there is going to be a bit of mess. Having wipes on standby is a must so you can quickly clean up the crumbs, leftovers and spilled drinks. Your guests are bound to get a little bit over excited if their team scores! If it’s beer and it falls on your carpet, these tips are handy to help with cleaning up.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom make sure you have some toilet seat cleaning or disinfecting wipes to hand. With many people using the same facilities they’ll be very welcome, especially among female fans.

Show your colors

Depending on the match you’re gathering to watch, some of your guests may be supporting one of the sides playing. Give them a nice surprise by making tiny flag sticks to put in food or to hand out.

If you can’t create a flag stick, another alternative could be to use the national colors of the teams to create your menu. Speaking of food…

Create your own snacks

In addition to purchasing snacks, why not try to make your own soccer-themed food items for your guests to feast on.

As well as making your own guacamole pitch, you could also make gingerbread cookie soccer players and get your family or your guest to design their own jerseys for the match.

Drinks from around the world

Take a look at the 32 nations that are in the World Cup, research the different beverages that are linked to them and try or serve them. This simple idea will definitely give your party a World Cup feel!

This could be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so everyone can be part of the fun. If you make the different drinks and have them on display, place information cards next do them such as ingredients, the heritage and maybe a taste scale.

Do you have any great World Cup party ideas? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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