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How to host a super Super Bowl party

Posted on Feb 1 2018
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Every host knows that the key to a great party is preparation, so how are you preparing for the Super Bowl?

The first thing to consider is how many people your TV area will hold. Creating the right atmosphere will require a large group. As the TV will be the centre of attention, and there is nothing worse than having all eyes focused on a smeared screen with a side order of dust, make sure you give it a clean with some window cleaner and a wipe can’t fix.

Hide any ornaments that can get broken and clear surfaces so that they too can be wiped down and be of use for other people’s belongings when they arrive. A party house should be spick and span and an inviting environment for your guests. If so, the space will then be ready for some football-themed decorations such as banners, balloons and streamers. If you are hosting a party with guests rooting for different teams, you could even divide the room in half with masking tape and decorate both sides in each team’s colours!

Beer and other essential beverages will be in high demand. Sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks are also important to have available and definitely have a few bottle openers to hand. Make use of large ice buckets and coolers so that your guests can help themselves to a cold one. A super host makes sure that everyone has a constant supply of drink to hand.

Try to make it football themed where possible too. Football-shaped empanadas are a necessity. Loaded chilli nachos, a huge variety of dips and of course, the classic spicy chicken wing all make the unofficial list of top TV sporting event snacks and equate to some majorly sticky fingers and greasy spills after consumption.
Sweet potato fries are a healthier option to your average chip and are also child-friendly.

These great Hawaiian Beef Sliders that take the form of bitesized hamburgers topped with pineapple and bacon to tackle those curious enough to try something new.

See what your guests can come up with by encouraging them to contribute by suggesting they bring some game day desserts with them in return.

Make sure to have cutlery, plates and napkins at the ready and in plentiful supply. Have garbage bags dotted around the room and additionally, invest in some large disposable serving platters, as it is inevitable that things will get knocked over during the excitement of the game. Broken glass is not ideal to have on the floor with smaller children doing laps of the kitchen. To further avoid this, make sure that there is somewhere for them to play and that there is somewhere for childminders and non-fans to socialise away from the chaos in front of the TV.

With all this in mind, clean up is just as important. Save it for another day and leave dirty wares to soak in the sink. Give surfaces a quick wipe down and get settled for the evening as you can be assured you were the superb host of a Super bowl party.

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