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Whether you're starting the day with a fresh face, removing make-up or enjoying a spot of pampering, today’s selection of wipes and sheet masks take the stress out of getting that perfect look – whether you're a man or a woman! Learn more about nonwoven makeup removers or how wipes can improve your beauty regime below.


Posted on Dec 11 2017
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Whether you’re coming in from a night on the town or even just a normal day at work, removing makeup can be the last thing on your mind and when the time comes, it can be a pain to get off.

Having facial wipes on stand by helps quicken the process while delivering a wonderful fragrance and lotion properties to your skin as you go, but are you using them correctly? We take you through the process.

Tie up your hair

We know, we know, you just want to chill out! But what if you leave your hair down and miss a spot? Pinning it gives your a clearer view of your face, without having to keep brushing strands of hair out of the way, it’ll only just add time and may become annoying, plus, you don’t want to wake up with half your eyeliner on do you?

Starting point

Some say start from the middle and go out, others say opposite. We suggest removing mascara and other eye makeup first, to get the ball rolling. Watch this video to remove your daily make up and grime with just one wipe.

This is tricker and tougher to take off, making it a great point to focus on first. Begin with one side of the wipe to take off as much as you can and finish by using the cleaner side. Try swiping delicately along your eyelash line, followed by downward motions starting at the inner corner of your eye towards until you reach the outer corner of your eye.

Take your time

It’s all well and good that using facial wipes can speed up makeup removal so grabbing your packet and speeding around your face wont help. We get it, you just want it off, but patience is a virtue, so taking your time is the best option to get it done correctly and could avoid the risk of a break out in acne or a skin reaction.

Don't scrub

As we mentioned above, removing eye makeup can be tough and it can be very easy to fall into the trap of applying too much pressure, resulting a hard scrub.

Putting a little bit of elbow grease may be great for removing stains around the house, but when it comes to your body parts, it can be harmful. Scrubbing in or around your eyes may lead to a nasty irritation or increased dryness.

Finish line

You’re nearly there!

The majority of the makeup is off, thanks to your facial wipes, but there are some parts that simply can’t be removed. If that’s the case, it might be worth a combination of warm water and face wash. You don’t want to sleep with traces of makeup on or, like above, scrub too hard as it may damage skin!

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