Messy Children

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Dec 5 2014
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We all know that children can be really messy, it is something that all parents have to deal with from time to time.

From toys scattered around, to big spills, there is something that every parent has dealt with.  Here are just a few examples of children that couldn't help themselves, and went a little too far:

‘Funny Toddlers Kids Painting Mess In Bathroom’ 

Our first video is of some children who got hold of the face paints and decorated the bathroom as a gift for their mom. She was very calm about the situation and laughed, as the children obviously thought that mom would love it. It was a situation that could only be laughed off; it was too late to get mad since the mess was made. To clean this up wipes will come in really handy, as water may just smear the paint more. If the mom wipes it off before washing up properly she’ll find it easier, and then she can also wipe the kids hands and faces as she can’t put them in the bath while the bathroom is so messy.

‘Family Home Destroyed by Avalanche - Children to Blame’

This video has over 4 million views, the mom wasn't feeling so well so she went to the bathroom, and came out to find her hallway and living room coated in flour. Her two toddlers had gotten into a 5kg bag of flour.  It was splattered up the walls, the little boys were covered and all on a day where she wasn't feeling well. To clean up she's going to have to start with a broom, but wipes will come in handy for cleaning the flour off the walls and picture frames.


'The Kids Making a Mess with Spaghetti’

This dad cant help but make a joke when he sees his little boys eating their spaghetti with their hands, its all over their table and all over the boys. Luckily, he’d obviously planned ahead and taken their tops off so that they wouldn't stain their clothes with sauce. To clean this mess up, the dad is going to have to wipe the boys down before cleaning up or they'll just spread the sauce around the house, wiping the hands, face and chest with baby wipes. Then wiping the table down with some anti-bacterial wipes. 

‘Dog Food Disaster’

This little boy obviously wanted to help out by feeding the dog, but instead has managed to spill the entire box of dog food and then chuck it about and play in the mess, his dad sneaks up on him and catches him making a mess. This little boy has a full YouTube channel (LifeWithHavoc) dedicated to videos of him doing funny things. This one is probably not a straight forward clean up with wipes, but you could defiantly wipe down ‘Havocs’ hands so he’s not eating bits of dog food when he puts his hands in his mouth. 

‘Kids Play with Paint and Get it All Over Their Faces’

These little boys are so sweet that even their dad can’t stay mad at them after they make such a huge mess. He asked the big brother some questions about how they ended up covered in green and purple paint and the big brother of course blames it on his little brother. The dad starts to laugh at the brothers and big brother asks what’s so funny. I think these boys may need a bath, and we don’t get to see the mess they've made but it looks like this dad has his cleaning work cut out for him. 

These kids really know how to make a mess, and their poor parents had to clean it all up, but the YouTube videos are so funny to watch and some of them even went viral! If you have a messy children story share it with us, and how wipes came in handy to help out!  

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