Suominen Goes Orienteering: Wipes Edition

johanna 2.1.jpg Posted by: Johanna Siren - Product Development Engineer at Suominen on Jun 14 2016
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Orienteering is an intense sport and I do sweat often, which obviously leads to smelling ‘not so pleasant’. 

This doesn’t particularly bother me, but perhaps others around me might disagree! However they are doing the same activity as me and will be in the same position.

Often, I will use regular deodorant but that doesn’t last very long once I get into the activities and start sweating again. However, deodorant wipes are really handy! Sometimes I need to go to the supermarket afterwards, and I don’t want to smell awful.

Orienteering events usually happens during the week, meaning I usually do it straight after work. I wear makeup on a daily basis, so I always remove all of it before doing the sport as it helps my skin stay well hydrated and breathe during the exercise. It is essential to carry makeup removal wipes are in my handbag because they are quick and easy to use, definitely a time-saver!

 There are certain wipes that have been really beneficial for using straight after orienteering. In most cases, my hands will be really dirty after having touched the ground and trees to climb up and down, and to support myself during the exercise. Hand wipes are handy in this case and sanitizing wipes are must before I get back into my car, since there is no access to running water in these places. I prefer to drink my bottle of water rather than pouring it on me. I also like to have pet wipes with me since I sometimes take my dog with me into the forest. It is much nicer to put him in the car when I have at least attempted to get rid of all the excess mud from his paws.

 Being out in the forest sometimes means you might get little cuts and grazes every now and then. Therefore, carrying alcohol wipes and bandages are a must to make sure you don’t get your areas infected. Orienteering takes you far and that means you can sometimes strain or injury a muscle if you’re not careful. In my experience, packing a couple of heat patches will relieve the pain especially around the neck and shoulder area, and upper arms.

Obviously, when you’re out in the wild you will come across nature’s friends like mosquitos and flies. Carrying and using insect repellent wipes is necessary for my upper body, instead of using the usual sprays because I don’t like to inhale the gases.

What I love about orienteering is that I feel like I am keeping my mind and body active, fit and healthy the best way that I can for my lifestyle. I would recommend this exercise to anyone that wants to keep healthy and entertained on the go. 

To read more about orienteering, and what it's all about, read Johanna's expert guide here.

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