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Top 5 Packing to Camp Tips

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 9 2017
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Are you planning a camping trip this summer? We have some great tips for you!

When summer rolls around it becomes a time when everyone wants to be outdoors, this includes activities such as camping. When camping, it can be hard to know what to pack without over packing, especially when you also have a tent to carry!

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the packing by following these few simple steps.

1. Plan your outfits for the days you’ll be away plus one spare. When camping it’s not all about what’s most fashionable, it’s about practicality: layers, breathability and comfortability. When you are planning your outfits, make sure there are pieces that can be used several times. For example if you have two outfits that require shorts, one pair should be enough for both. You should always take a spare outfit just in case, especially when camping as you never know when you might get caught by a rain or just dirty.

2. Pack a bag for in the car especially if you are travelling with kids. Include water, snacks, cds, some toys, a book (not if you’re the one driving), a portable charger, spare headphones and a some wipes to clean your hands and to freshen up. You never know how long a journey is going to be, and you don’t want to end up stuck in a 5 hour traffic jam with no back up supplies.

3. Think about the ‘7 B’s’. Bum, bed, bungalow, bath, body, belly, and brain. Bum includes things such as toilet roll, intimate wipes and diapers. Bed is bedding. Bungalow is tent, cooking apparatus and folding chairs. Bath is tooth paste and tooth brushes and full body wipes if there’s no shower available on your camping site. Body is clothes. Belly is the food for the trip. Brain is things to keep you occupied such as games, toys, books or hobby equipment.

4. Get everyone involved in the packing, you might want to travel light but it’s also important that everyone get’s involved. Let the kids pick out their own outfits and a toy they can each bring. That way you know how much stuff you’re taking but you also allow them to have the freedom to prepare their own bags.

5. Share bags, every person doesn’t need their own suitcase. If you can fit everyone’s belonging’s into one or two bags, it makes more sense than giving everyone a bag to carry on their own. They might be heavier, but in the long run it will save you space in the car and less trips from the campsite back to the car carrying everything.

When camping it is important to enjoy yourself and really become one with nature, but don’t forget insect repellent as wipes or spray to make you trip enjoyable without being bitten by bugs the whole trip.

What are your camping packing tips?

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I just wanted to thank you for these tips for camping. I'm glad you mentioned that you should also pack a bag for the car because you don't know how long a journey is going to be. Maybe it could be good to figure out how long the journey is so you know just how much extra you should pack. http://www.beachside.com.au/
Thu February 22 2018