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What to expect when you're expecting…

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Mar 8 2016
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We’ve all heard the saying, but what is the reality of what to expect whilst you’re expecting. It’s not like it is in the movies… 


If you’re pregnant you’ll probably know the basics on what you should expect, but there’s a few things that no one will tell you. Other mothers want to spare your feelings, and nobody want’s to tell a hormonal expectant mother about their pregnancy horror stories! 

Morning sickness does not confine itself to mornings: Many expectant mothers find themselves suffering with morning sickness all day long. If you are one of the lucky few that experiences it just in the morning be grateful! 

Not being able to think straight: We’ve all heard of pregnancy brain, people often make it into a joke. However for a pregnant woman with the stress of a baby on the way and getting things done the last thing she’ll need is mush for brains.

Sleepless nights: You may think that you’ll get plenty of rest before the baby comes, and that a few sleepless nights once you’ve given birth won’t be too bad. However the further along you are, the harder it can be to sleep. You’ll find yourself having plenty of sleepless nights before the baby arrives, from cramps and gas to loud snoring and not being able to get comfortable – you may be lying awake most of the night! 

Your toilet habits change: Depending on the position of your baby you’ll find yourself constantly needing to pee more frequently, and you may also suffer from incontinence during pregnancy. But needing the toilet a lot won’t be your biggest problem, many pregnant women suffer from trapped wind and constipation, too. 

You’re not safe from pregnancy brain even when asleep: Whilst pregnant many women say they suffer from weird dreams, some sad, scary, erotic and some that are just plain weird! Unfortunately weird dreams are a right of passage for pregnant women. 

It’s actually 10 months…not 9: Most women are pregnant for around 40 weeks, that’s actually 10 months, not 9! Although you are full term at 36 weeks, you probably still be pregnant until the 40-week mark. 

You may find yourself wishing your 10 months of pregnancy over fast, however when it comes to actually giving birth, it’s not like you imagine. 

You could be there for hours: We all know that labor can last a long time, but most people assume that once you’re fully dilated it’ll be over in minutes. That’s not the reality; in fact you could be there for hours with your legs in the air… not fun. 

There’s more blood than you’re expecting: After giving birth you’ll find yourself with heavy bleeding and you’ll even experience blood clots. You’re going to want special pads to cope and personal hygiene wipes to clean up! 

You’ll probably suffer incontinence after giving birth: Just to tip you over the edge, after giving birth you’ll be exhausted, sore, bleeding and every time you laugh, sneeze or cough you may also suffer from slight incontinence. But don’t worry, you’ll get over it and even faster by doing your kegels.

We’ve told you the worst of the worst, but it’ll all be worth it when you have your little one in your arms. Mothers are astonishing for what they can do, and going through all of this shows how strong they actually are. 


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