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What to get her to make it a special Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 12 2018
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Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you still don’t know what to do!

Valentine's Day is only a few days away, but what should you do if you still haven't managed to find the perfect gift? Luckily for you guys we have came up with a few options that may just help you show her how much you do care.

Pink champagne – “Love is sweet” and so is champagne. When you pop open a posh bottle of rose champagne, a girl knows she is getting spoiled. Mark the significant occasion by toasting your love. Remember to keep some wipes handy just in case of any spills!

Engraved compact mirror – Engraved gifts always carry more sentimental value than anything else you can buy, so why not put your love into words and have them engraved onto a compact mirror? A girl can be told she is beautiful a thousand times but will end up having to check for herself anyway. Make sure you get her some wipes so she can keep that mirror blemish free.

Chocolates – Although chocolates are an orthodox idea, you never hear anyone complaining about getting them! Chocolates in tins are a good idea too, as they last longer than boxes and can then be used for other purposes. Don't forget to keep some wipes close by, in case of sticky fingers.

Bathbombs – They’re exploding across our Instagram feeds, so why not incorporate them into a beauty care package of her favourite brand products and give her some well deserved pampering before your night out for dinner together?

Weekend away – Finally, why not splash out on a romantic getaway experience and spend some quality time together away from your hectic lifestyles? Don’t forget to tell her to pack some wipes - they're compact, save space in your luggage and can be taken on an aircraft if you do plane to whisk her off somewhere further afield.

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