What type of dad are you?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Nov 17 2014
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Attention, Dads! This is a wipe guide for what type of dad you are - what are you?

Newbie Dad: 

There is a wipe for everything that you could need it for, if you’re a new dad then its going to take some getting used to, from diaper changing, to babies spitting up - you’re definitely going to need wipes! Diapers need changing all the time, even if it’s your least favorite job; it’s going to have to be done. (Tip: If you’ve had a little girl, be sure to wipe from front to back - think about it!) With a new little baby, there is bound to be a lot of spitting up and it’s likely you will end up covered in it. Have wipes handy at all times, to clean the baby and yourself off. Have it packed in your bag, one in different rooms of the house, a packet in your car - everywhere and anywhere.

Outdoor Dad:

So you love to be out and about, getting the kids to go on a bike ride with you, or a walk on the beach before they don’t want to spend time with you anymore. Well, be sure to carry a few necessities, such as water, a jacket, plasters and wipes. Kids fall over, they get dirty, and you wouldn't want them getting mud all over the car at the end of the trip now would you? (Tip: If you plan to take food with you where you go, also take antibacterial gel, along with your wipes to sanitize before and after!) Wipes are especially great for beaches, and getting the sand off your feet before putting your shoes on, a towel just doesn't do the job quite as well! Don’t forget sunscreen – it’s available as wipes, too.


OCD Dad:

You don’t like mess and with kids, that’s all you really ever get from dirty diapers, to toys scattered EVERYWHERE, there’s no running away from it but a little bit of untidiness is nothing if its clean. You probably have a cupboard designated to wipes. Wipes for running noses, dirty diapers, spills, even wipes for cuts and scrapes. You can use wipes for just about everything, from dusting, to muddy paw prints from the puppy the kids begged for. You can literally clean anything. (Tip: When the kids go to bed, pick up the toys then, there’s no point in doing it while they’re still playing!)

Calamity Dad:

Just like OCD Dads, you use wipes a lot and not because you want to keep everything clean, but because you need them. You’re always spilling and knocking things over, and the last thing you want it to spill some hot tea and your kids to run in it, whip out the wipes and mop up the spill. You will probably end up with paint fingerprints on the wall, and little doodles that the kids have done. (Tip: Get some special wash off pens and some wipes to clean it off when it does happen, it will save you having to re-paint every other week!) If you fall over all the time, your kids probably inherited that from you, have wipes on hand to clean them up (Tip: Pack a little carry around bag with the essentials, wipes, plasters and tissues).

Messy Dads:

So you mess around with the kids, you have them finger painting on the weekends, but you haven’t yet got the hang of cleaning up the messes they make. From the piles of toys to spills, you just assume someone else will clean it up and your partner probably will, but to stay on her good side, clean up after an activity with the kids. (Tip: Make it fun, play a game with them, first one to clean up their area gets a sweet) The best fun is always the messiest.

Trendy Dads:

Many of you probably think you fit into this category, but trendy dads are the ones who stay up to date with the gadgets and trends that kids are into these days. As a trendy dad you probably have every gadget you can get your hands on and you don’t mind the kids playing with them so long as they don't break them. But with kids they always end up having sticky finger prints on them and you have to clean them all the time. Have wipes around and just wipe the gadget down after the kids have played with it, it’ll save time in the long run. You probably have a lot of clothes and you wouldn't want your kids to get paint on your new white shirt, use stain remover wipes before you wash the shirt. (Tip: Carry the wipes around with you, you never know when its going to happen the longer that stain sits there, the harder it is to get off!)

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