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What’s in your travel makeup bag?

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Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Apr 20 2017
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When the sun starts shining we all start thinking about one thing, summer vacation!

Going on a summer vacation is always exciting. If you’re anything like us you start planning months in advance and trying to answer important packing questions such as how many lipsticks are too many lipsticks, will your foundation still match after 2 weeks in the sun and what skincare products will you need to take with you? Thankfully we’re here to help.

Take foundation customizing drops. If your foundation matches your skin before you go away, it’s probably not going to match after a week or two in the sun. You can get colour changing drops that either darken (or lighten) your foundation colour to match! These drops can be found in the drugstore or in high end makeup brands depending on what you prefer.

Two lipsticks is probably enough. If you have limited space in your makeup bag you can probably get away with just packing two lipsticks. One that is in a daytime colour such as a pink or a nude and then one that is in a more bold evening colour this can be a dark, neon or red depending on what your preference is. If you don’t think two is enough you can also sneak an extra one in in a fun bright daytime colour as an extra option. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a lip balm with SPF in it too!

Dry Shampoo. If you don’t want to spend all of your time washing and drying your hair then dry shampoo is a holiday essential! After a long day at the beach or by the pool your hair can be feeling a little dirty and like it needs a wash, but we don’t always have time to style our hair before heading out to dinner. Apply some dry shampoo through the root then brush it out, not only will your hair feel cleaner but it will add volume to your hair which is something that helps after a long day in the sun feeling a bit sweaty.

Take a shorter skincare routine. We all have our skincare routines and often they can include quite a few steps. Whilst on holiday no one really wants to triple cleanse and spend 20 minutes applying different serums, moisturizer and eye creams. We also often don’t have space in our suitcase to take everything. The sun will do you skin wonders, as many people know when you go on holiday your spot clear up and your dark circles usually look a little smaller. Instead switch your deep cleansers for a pack of facial cleaning wipes and a toner. This will remove all your makeup whilst giving you a refresh. You can also swap your jars and bottles of products for a moisturizer that has serum and eye cream built in to it. Also exfoliating body wipes may be handy to have.

There’s still a lot of other things to take, too… Once you have made the hard space / time saving decisions you still have the bulk of your products to pack. These are a few of the things we suggest you take in your travel makeup bag…

- SPF - This is something everyone should use no matter what your skin type or your complexion is.
- Shampoo & Conditioner 2 in 1 - This will clean your hair and leave it soft but will also save time.
- Bronzer - if you are skipping the makeup and you have a natural tan going on a bronzer will often just enhance it and make your skin look glowing.
- Face setting powder - in the sun skin can often get oily, you keep your makeup masterpiece looking flawless powder it all in place.
- Wipes - take refreshing wipes, after a long day at the beach or our exploring these can leave you feeling much better.

What are your essentials leave them in the comments below or let us know on Twitter @welovewipes!

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Sun cream, a spot of mascara, a bit of bronzer and wipes = summer sorted
Tue June 27 2017
I always need lip balm
Mon June 26 2017
I bring neon pink lipstick, mascara and eye liner. That I find is enough, and I get mini-sized ones, to take up even less space! :)
Mon June 26 2017
Tweezers and magnifying mirror
Sun June 25 2017
Lip Balm,wipes and a crystal nail file.
Fri June 23 2017
My essentials are. Never leave home Without my Oil of Olay.
Thu June 22 2017
A cooling mist spray
Wed June 21 2017
Take tinted moisturiser instead
Wed June 21 2017
Mascara and wipes are my go-to summer essential,can't beat them!
Tue June 20 2017
A face spritzer made from water and cucumber, which I put in a little travel plastic spray bottle. It's so refreshing and cooling. Also wipes. I never go anywhere without wipes.
Tue June 20 2017
my essentials are mascara and wipes
Tue June 20 2017
wow ....xx
Mon June 19 2017
please enter me in the sweestakes to win
Sat June 17 2017
Don't forget makeup remover! But some wipes are good for this ... ;)
Thu June 15 2017
mascara and eyeliner
Wed June 14 2017
Dry shampoo is not that good though. Just regular shampoo and soap is good. Maybe people get busy to though. So it's fine then. Soap containers with sample bar soaps are really good to. Because it's personal things.
Wed June 14 2017
Tue June 13 2017