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wipes-sanna.jpg Posted by: Sanna - A Finnish Make-up Artist on Sep 10 2014
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The most important tools of a make-up artist are make-up products and brushes. I also need to be able to fix fast the small flaws which occasionally happen and to keep both my hands and the tools clean when working to guarantee a good quality of the outcome. Hygiene is an essential element when I work with customers and I also like to leave a clean desk behind me when I’ve finished my work. Wet wipes are very handy little helpers and it’s usually quite a bunch of wet wipes which I use during one job.

I got a chance to investigate and to test several kind of wipes and I have to say it’s amazing how many properties you can find in wipes when you start studying the labels! There are antiseptic, cooling, vitamin-enriched, scented, non-scented, anti-ageing and skin-friendly products. And of course there are specific products for removing make-up and nail polish, masks, freshening up selected of your body or taking care of your intimate hygiene.

To list a few new favorite products I found during my testing I’d like to mention nail-polish removed pads. There are versions for both natural and gel nails and packages are very small which make them ideal addition to the content of my make-up briefcase.

Interesting new acquaintances are also the cleaning strips which you set on your chin or nose for to get rid of blackheads and impurities. I take daily care of my skin but I was shocked to see the outcome (not to mention my poor boyfriend who I made to test the strips, too). 

I also fell in love with a calming face mask, which gave me a perfect 30 minute relaxation on the sofa (and my boyfriend a heart attack when he came home and saw me lying on the coach looking like Hannibal Lecter’s date –These disposable face masks are quite valuable, but I can highly recommend these when there’s no time to see a cosmetologist or if you want to have a mini-spa moment at home.


In addition to my work and home I use wipes when I’m on the road, usually camping at summer festivals or when having a picnic with my friends – it’s funny how often I find myself in places where lines to the bathrooms are colossal!


I’ve also learned with a bitter way that all wipes are not suitable for every purpose. I cleaned my tent floor a few times using a disinfecting wipe and after a few months the fiberglass surface flaked off which made the tent unusable. So let’s be careful out there instead of being very creative!


At the moment summer is coming also to Finland, so it’s time to pack wet wipes to my back-bag dig out my new tent (yes, I had to buy a new one which I’m going to clean with proper products) and start the camping season & summer festival season. And to wipe away the final grey marks of the long winter!

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