A pumpkin is not round, it is unique.

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Oct 24 2014
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Do you make the same face on your pumpkin every single year? Triangle eyes and a toothy smile? 

Yeah me too, this year I thought it was time to branch out and look into creating a new and maybe more excitingly styled pumpkin, but doing it as safe as I can. Usually carving the pumpkin is a family affair in my household, and these following tips have really helped out.

  • When getting kids involved, keep them away from the knife: Kids love to be involved and they want to be allowed to carve the pumpkin, but its not safe to hand the knife over to your six year old, instead get them to draw the template or get them to gut the pumpkin. If the child draws the template it is definitely going to be unique. When the kids are covered in pumpkin guts and pen marks from designing and gutting their pumpkins bust out the wipes, as we know its going to be a fight to get them in them in the bath and who needs that struggle with an excited six year old.
  • Dont leave candles alone: All it takes is one accident, and you could have a fire on your hands, or someone could get really hurt. Although this fact doesn’t relate to carving exactly I think that it is very important. With children in a household, we know that there could always be an accident and you can never be too careful. Also you don’t have to use candles, glow sticks work in the replacement of them, its safer, but it also glows in new colours, which can help with the redesign of your pumpkin.
  • Always cut away from yourself: Always watch what you are doing when it comes to carving the pumpkin, it can be dangerous and people get hurt every year by cutting in the wrong direction, and you really don’t want it to be you, and you definitely don't want it to be someone else who’s helping you out. Also, never place your hands inside of the pumpkin while carving, even the most experienced of us are still tempted to put our hands inside of the pumpkin and cut towards them. If you can’t keep your hands out, carve the pumpkin before you remove the lid. However, if you happen to have a little accident, avoid any extra mess with blood stains by making sure you have some antiseptic wipes nearby to clean up accidental wounds. 
  • When things are messy, they tend to get slippery: Clean up while you are doing the carving. With pumpkin guts on the floor and little kids or pets running around it could cause someone to slip and cause a bad injury. For a quick clean up fix, get the wipes out and wipe up the mess while you are still in the process of carving before cleaning up completely when you are finished. Wipes are also handy when your kids decide to shove their hands in pumpkin guts and you don’t want that all over your furniture, so before they run away, make sure you catch them and wipe their hands clean!

Don’t forget if you are doing something new this year, you could have twice as much mess! Those are some important tips to stay safe while being experimental with your pumpkins this year.

Happy Halloween from We Love Wipes!


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