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After the Gym Grooming Tips

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 8 2016
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After the gym, your skin can have that awesome manly sweat, which is good.  You worked hard.  But you want to feel fresh too, so we have some grooming tips to help you look your best after a lunch time workout session. 


Lunch is the time to grub or not to grub and get to the gym.  But who wants to go back to work with that musty man smell.  Also, let’s be honest, you don’t feel quite right back in your normal clothes. Follow these tips to get you feeling fresh and ready for your afternoon meetings. 

If you are lucky enough to work somewhere that has a shower handy then pop for a quick shower before heading back to your desk. Whether at work or at the gym, a good water down will have you feeling like a new man. Just make sure you haven’t forgotten your towel! Very awkward.  

Not everyone has access to a shower on their lunch break, so instead why not use body wipes? They’re great for a quick clean up and will leave you feeling refreshed as well as help with any body odours from your workout. You can also get facial cleansing wipes to help clean the sweat out of your pores stopping them becoming clogged. 

Antiperspirant (and a lot of it)
Some people aren’t aware of the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. After a strenuous workout session it is important to use antiperspirant to stop you sweating anymore than you already have. There are also antiperspirant wipes which you could check out to avoid any spray walkthroughs from unsuspecting people.  

Hair Gel and Dry Shampoo
By this point wether you have showered or just used a wipe, your hair is probably going to look a little worse for wear. Use hair gel to flatten down any stray hairs you have. If you hair is looking greasy after your workout, avoid the hair gel and instead use some dry shampoo, just spray it into your hair then comb it through - it’ll soak up any grease. Or you know, shave your head...  

Once you have cleaned your face with either face wipes or a facial wash, make sure you apply some moisturizer to help avoid your skin drying out. Yes, guys do use moisturizer. David Beckham even has male grooming products named after him, so you’re totally covered.  

So while some love that masculine musty post-workout smell, your colleagues, clients and customers will thank you.

What do you usually do as your post-workout grooming routine? Share your tips below in the comments. 



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