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Are you doing Movember?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Nov 1 2016
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1st November marks the start of Movember!  Will you be joining in this year?

Movember might sound like a bit of fun to see how long it can take you to grow a respectable moustache, but there’s more to this quest for the perfect soup strainer than meets the eye.

Far from being simply a celebration of facial fuzz, Movember is all about raising money. Since 2003 the Movember Foundation has been encouraging men to grow their own moustache in support of men’s health charities. After a small start it's grown, with over 5 million men having taken part.

If you fancy raising funds for a fantastic cause or if your top lip just needs a little extra protection now it’s starting to get chilly outside, you can sign up at and start growing your moustache!

Before you take the plunge, make a note of these three top tips that will help you ensure that your crumb catcher looks its best for the entire month:

1: Keep the skin where the moustache is growing moisturised. Stubble can feel dry against your skin, and with the cold winter air you, making your face feel very dry and tight. Moisturise daily and be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin

2: Use a moustache comb (yes, they do exist). At the very start of your month your caterpillar might not need much grooming, but as we head towards the very end of November it will start to look a little unruly. Use the comb to brush through it and you’ll have no problem looking dapper.

3:Wipes will become your new best friend. If you’re new to the world of facial hair your moustache will probably feel a dirtier than it actually is. If that’s the cause then you use wipes to keep your skin looking fresh and feeling clean.

If you decide to take the plunge and join in this Movember be sure to share your moustache images with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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