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Bad makeup and beauty habits

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Sep 19 2014
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We all have our fair share of bad beauty habits and sometimes we simply can’t help it.

But when it comes to your health and hygiene, we think good habits should always be put into practise. Makeup and beauty products are generally used every day or at least a few times a week for most people so you could imagine the amount of times you touch each product, how often it comes into contact with your face and the bacteria build-up. While there are some people out there that are a big believer in good hygiene and maintenance with their makeup and beauty products, others are a little guilty in not putting too much focus in this area.

Here we’ve concluded the most common but unhealthy beauty sins:

Not taking your makeup off at the end of the day

Yes, sometimes at the end of the day, it can seem like a chore to go through a thorough routine of making sure your face is nice and clean. But, trust us, your skin will thank you in the future. Going to sleep with your makeup on will most likely get your pillow all smudged with mascara and foundation, which will be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Eventually, the bacteria growing on your pillow may cause you skin to have an allergic reaction and cause breakouts.

By the end of the day, your makeup will have absorbed quite a bit of pollution from the air. Removing your makeup before you sleep means you are cleaning off all that dirt and free radicals that cling to your skin. A continuous bad habit of not removing makeup from your face will lead to your skin aging faster and cause cellular damage.

Not using sunscreen

Although people might assume you only need to wear sunscreen when they’re going to the beach or sunbathing in the garden, it’s actually recommended to wear sunscreen every day. A lot of foundations on the market already contain SPF but many dermatologists still recommend using sunscreen underneath your makeup even if the weather is cloudy. We can’t avoid the sun all the time but we also physically don’t see the damage the sun’s rays can do to our skin until later on in life. Signs of damage include premature aging of the skin and the scariest, skin cancer. It may seem harmless not to use sunscreen now but you may regret it in the future.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes 

This is probably the most unexciting part of makeup but it is probably one of the most important parts of beauty maintenance, since it can affect how your overall look is. Taking good care of your makeup brushes not only keeps your skin healthy and sparkling but also elongates their usefulness when in good condition. The bristles of the brushes are good at picking up pigments, but they’re also good at picking up dirt and bacteria too. When they get mixed in with your face and makeup, it can lead to breakouts and reactions to your face. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to paint your face with dirty, clogged-up brushes in the first place – the application wouldn’t look the same. To make things easier for those that don’t enjoy this lengthy process, there are wipes available that are suitable for cleaning make-up brushes easily. Although this convenient for in-between washes, it’s also recommended to deep clean your make-up brushes at least once a week.

Expiration of makeup products

It’s easy to tell when food has gone a little off, but with beauty products, they rarely boast expiration dates – but believe us, they do have a limited shelf life! Makeup products that contain preservatives kill common bacteria but once you open the lid on any product, airborne bacteria comes into contact with the product and if it’s a type of product that you need to touch then you are essentially adding more bacteria to it which can then eventually change the formulation of the product. Look out for changes in your makeup products including smell and colour changes and separation (foundation and lip glosses), which are normally signs that they are due to be chucked out.

Sharing Makeup

As much as you want to seem like a good friend by offering to share your lipstick because your friend has forgotten hers, you might want to think again. We all harbour our own bacteria on our skin and these can contaminate our makeup, so would you really want to share your lipstick if you’re friend has a cold sore on her lip? Probably not since cold sores stay with you for the rest of your life! Sharing your makeup especially mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks and lip glosses can lead to bad infections so this might be the only time where you can say no to your best friend.

Popping spots

ADMIT IT - the thought of it is ‘ew’ but the feeling of it feels good when the gunk comes popping out. But why is it so bad? Well for starters, once the gunk comes gushing out, the bacteria that it contains can seep into the pores around it and create more spots. Also, if you’re popping with unwashed hands, you’re introducing new types of bacteria to your spot and face. Even though it’s tempting to pop a spot when it has a fresh shite head, all that squeezing, poking and prodding can lead to bleeding and scarring. Spots are best left alone because if you don’t touch it, it will heal itself in 3 – 7 days.

Even if you’re a high maintenance beauty queen or a little bit of a dirty beast when it comes, make sure you’re clued up on why these bad makeup habits are potentially threatening to your skin.

So what’s your beauty sin?

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I don't always wash my face before bed but I try to use make up removers everynite I sometimes forget.
Tue October 14 2014
I like something gentle to my skin yet effective.
Tue October 14 2014
If I get a spot I have to squeeze it regardless of how bad it is for my skin.
Sun October 12 2014
I don't always take off my makeup before bed.
Sun October 12 2014
Sometimes I forget the sunscreen...and I shouldn't because I live in the desert.
Sun October 12 2014
I always wash my face but sometimes don't take off my eye makeup.
Sun October 5 2014
I don't take off my make up before bed every night :(
Wed October 1 2014