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Beard Grooming Tips

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 8 2016
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Size doesn’t matter… when it comes to beards. How do you groom yours? 


Grooming your beard is a daily task thT is hard to get out of, skipping even one day of trimming, prepping and shampooing your beard can make for some unruly results. Imagine what would happen if you left your beard up to it’s own devices? We have a few tips to help you cut your primping time in half (meaning your other half can stop complaining about the time you’ve spent on your beard!) 

Shampoo your beard REGULARLY. 
It’s no use just cleaning your beard once in a while for a special occasion. Just like the hair on your head your beard need’s a bit of TLC to stop it looking like a matted mess. Make sure to wash your beard using special beard shampoo/facial wash as the hair on your face is much courser and harder to tame than the hair on your head is. 

Use beard balm/oil. 
The best way to tame your beard is by using a oil or a balm. The moisture in these products will soften the hair which will make it appear smoother and healthier. However with all the extra oil and balms it is even more important to make sure you wash your beard regularly to stop build up. 

Get the correct razors/trimmers for YOU! 
Everyone has different preferences for what they like regarding length, thickness and shape. So it makes sense that everyone would also have different preferences on what trimmers work for them. Some people prefer to use a beard come and some scissors for a trim whilst others like an electric trimmer. Make sure you do your research and try out different methods before deciding upon one. 

Eat a healthy diet.
We are not saying you can’t have that burger, or kebab after a night out. But consume everything in moderation. Not only is a healthy diet good for your body it is also good for your skin, nails and hair, including your beard. Try to include omega-3 fatty acids that will help with your skin and hair, and cut back on alcohol when you can as it can dry out your skin through dehydration. 

Using balms and oils can help keep your beard hair soft, however the skin underneath your beard can become dry and rough due to neglect. Try and moisturise when you can. To do this you can use both traditional moisturisers, or if you are in a hurry wipes come in handy, they’re also brilliant for travelling. 

These helpful tips will not only leave your beard looking like it naturally cooperates with you, but it will also help you speed up your morning grooming routine. If you take care of your beard on a regular basis all you will need to do when in a hurry is give it a comb and head out the door. No more looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush when you haven’t had time to prep. 


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