Beat the microbead!

elisabeth.jpg Posted by: Elisabeth Swennenhuis on Sep 26 2014
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When our lives a little bit stressful from work or the kids, sometimes all we want to do is have an all day pamper spa day with beauty treatments. 

But that costs money and effort to go out the house when it’s probably just easier to stay in the comfort of our own homes. Thankfully, there are a lot of products on the market that let us have the same benefit of salon treatments in the comfort of our own homes and sometimes for a cheaper price.

One of the best treatments you can get is an all over face and body scrub because lets be honest, it doesn’t get much better than that feeling of fresh glowing skin. Unfortunately, this type of treatment has caused some controversy in the environment. A campaign has been running since 2012 to ban the micro beads (the little synthetic exfoliating particles) in exfoliating creams and shower products. You’re probably wondering why but to put it simply, when we’re using these types of products in the shower, they go down the drains to oceans and rivers that then become lodged into the bellies of water animals like fish (whether they mistake them for food or accidentally ingest them), that we eat as food. This is a problem for the health of the animal directly eating the tiny plastic pellets, but also for the animals above them on the food chain including birds and us! So basically, even though these types of products are eternally used, they actually end back up internally inside of us.

Who would have thought that something as tiny as a microbead could have a massive negative impact? (Check out this link if you want to find out more)

Obviously, we humans aren’t meant to be putting anything plastic inside our bodies but the plastic beads also attract other ‘persistent organic pollutants’ like PCBs, DDT, flame retardants and absorb them.

This proposed a problem for a large section of the cosmetics industry but also allowed nonwoven manufacturers to establish the value of exfoliating nonwoven products. The exfoliating or abrasive applications are fixed to the substrate, which means it won’t end up in the drains. It also secures equal exfoliation against the treated skin compared to cream/cleansing products that contain loose microbeads that tend to lose concentration when they’re rubbed into the skin. 

These exfoliation products have he key benefits of having a salon treatment at home with the removal of dead skin cells, useable on both face and body, hygiene reassurance to non-disposable products (e.g. sponge) and the most beneficial – no micro beads going down the drain. Currently, there are products on the market that target facial exfoliation, exfoliating pads, shower body scrub pads, slimming and anti-cellulite gloves (hallelujah!) and feet exfoliation. 

So if you want to save the animals of the planet (and yourself!), think of how exfoliation nonwoven products can make you feel twice as good when you’re effectively removing dead skin cells without harming the environment.

Has this changed your mind on micro bead products? Or will you be looking for these exfoliating products?

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Oh yes. I'd known about Microbead products, and have quit using them. I did not know it could attract all kinds of other things to the microbeads though! That's awful. We really need to start taking better care of our environment!
Sun October 12 2014
We must save the planet and look good while doing so...
Sat October 11 2014
I didn't realise.x
Thu October 2 2014