Camp clever - your top tips for keeping clean in the great outdoors

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eileen_1.jpg Posted by: Eileen Calder on Jun 23 2014
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As summer approaches the allure of camping under the stars is even more attractive and this year’s trips are planned.

Camping gives me the opportunity to be at one with nature- I can kick off my heels, forget about makeup and my hairdryer for a few days and get back to nature but that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t want to stay fresh, clean and safe.

Whether it’s a family holiday, hiking or in our case, this weekend we are getting ready to head off to a festival where there is always a lot to pack.

After a couple of camping incidents where we had forgotten a few essential items, I created a very organised spreadsheet for our camping trips. My husband thinks it’s a bit excessive but we’ve never forgotten anything since. So I can assure you that it is a huge plus, especially when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, to have something you need right there and then.

The obvious things that you would expect at the top of the list:

  • Wet weather clothing - after all it is Scotland we are camping in and Scotland means rainy weather.
  • Perhaps Insect Repellent…again it is Scotland and the midges (mosquitoes) are killers. I kid you not; we now have a Midge Forecast just to ensure we are pre warned about how uncomfortable it’s going to get at certain times of the year.
  • And finally wine…To fight off the midges but that doesn’t work for that task!

Surprisingly it’s none of the above. At the top of my list are 3 essential items that ensure we enjoy our trips into the great outdoors to the fullest. It’s important that we stay hygienic enough to be able to initiate human contact should we come across any other people out there.

To stay fresh I always have a pack of moist toilet wipes in each of our toilet bags. This is essential because when you’re in the outdoors for a long time, nothing feels a little bit better than feeling extra clean around that part of your body especially when washing areas are limited. To stay clean, impregnated body cloths are a great alternative to a shower but they are not always that easy to find. If you can’t find them then some other wipes meant for personal use will do the trick too, although you may have to use quite a few to achieve the desired effect. If you’re a regular camper then you will know most campsites today have shower facilities but that doesn’t mean that you have to use them every day. Sometimes it feels quite liberating not to and let’s be honest, one day without a shower isn’t going to kill you. For those days when the walk to the shower block just seems too far away, or it’s too cold to make the trip for a 2 minute awkward shower, a ‘wipe shower’ will suffice.

When we go hiking, packing our lunch and water is definitely essential but we pack hand sanitising wipes as well as a travel pack of moist toilet wipes. Recently, we have added Insect Repellent wipes rather than a bug spray. They are so much lighter to carry, take up less space and there is no risk of leakage. And finally just to ensure that we stay safe after our gourmet camping dinner, a pack of antibacterial kitchen wipes to clean down the cooker and table in readiness for our nightly games of Scrabble and Backgammon.

Camping is definitely not for everybody and most people are shocked when I tell them I love it…it’s so different to what I do every day…but those 3 items at the top of my list make it an odour and germ free experience. Happy camping outdoor lovers!

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