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Camping Life Hacks

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 25 2015
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Ah, camping! That feeling of being outdoors, being surrounded by the cozy campfire, soaking in all that nature. That said, camping often comes with a few struggles, even if you are the most experienced camper!

As the weather improves and summer arrives, many of us are heading off for a camping weekend. However not all of us are camping pros! There are a few tips and tricks everyone out camping should know - from how to avoid mosquitos to how to fake a shower for the weekend!

Check out these cool camping hacks for this summer:

Put sage on the campfire. Summer is mosquito season and they will attempt to eat you alive if you don't try to keep them away from camp. Wiping your body with mosquito repellent wipes or covering your body in bug spray might help, but be prepared to reapply every now and then. Putting sage into the campfire actually helps keep the mosquitos away as they don't like the smell. If a mosquito bites you, you can use a mild medicated cream as a way to stop the itching. You will smell clean too!

Fill an empty milk bottle (not a carton) with water. Then attach a headlamp to it and the room will instantly be filled with light.

Use an empty plastic container to store toilet roll. Try to find one that fits a roll in perfectly, then cut a slit along the side and pull out the end of the roll that way you have a way to carry your toilet roll with you even if its wet or raining.

If you are a coffee addict and can’t go without your daily dose then make travel coffee bags to take with you, get a coffee filter and fill it with as much coffee as you need for one cup. Then tie it shut with some (unflavored) dental floss. Make sure you tie it tight. Then allow the coffee bag to steep in your coffee in the morning.

If you are leaving the camp for a while and don’t want to lug to many things around with you make a mini first aid kit inside of a small tin or empty prescription bottle. Put in some Band-Aids, bug killer and antiseptic wipes.

If you are struggling to find kindling, use tortilla chips, as they will work to start a fire.

Use straws as a way to store seasonings so that you don't have to have bland food. You don't want to have to carry around glass spice jars, potion out how much you will need by using a straw. Seal the ends with a lighter, when you are ready to use it you can just snip off the end with some scissors.

You wont be able to get a shower regularly while camping, so pack some wipes with you so that you can have a quick wipe over when you are not feeling so fresh. Unless you like to go ‘au-natural’!

Use an empty water bottle to store fresh eggs and keep in a cool place, away from sunlight. This way you don't have to worry about them breaking while your traveling. You won’t be able to have fried eggs, but you can have the eggs scrambled or a delicious omelette.

With these camping tips and tricks, you can make sure your next camping trip more comfortable and an exciting one. Have fun and let us know how you found these tips. If you have any other great camping tips, we’d love to know!

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