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Celebrate in style with 'St Patrick's Day inspired' nail art

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Mar 15 2014
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Let’s celebrate the Irish holiday of St Patrick’s Day with this fun nail art! Create your nails with clovers and hats with the colour green.

This simple tutorial will have people turn their heads while you’re dancing and singing away at the St Patrick’s parade!


Step 1: Prepare and clean your nails by removing old nail polish with nail polish removal wipes for ease and convenience. File and shape nail to desired look.


Step 2: Paint each nail as a French manicure style, apart from the finger closest to the little finger, with any green colour of your choice.


Step 3: On the full coloured finger, apply a clear coat on top to produce some tackiness. Using a dotting tool or a cocktail stick, pick up big glitters to make three leaves and the stem. You don’t need to apply neatly, as long as the glitters are close together to create sparkle.


Step 4: Using a paint brush, outline the clover in black to make the image stand out.


Step 5: With a dotting tool, use white nail polish to dot under the smile line of the French manicure. Paint a dotting curve from largest dot to smallest dot.


Step 6: When everything is dry, apply a clear coat on top to stop any chipping and glitters from falling off.


This simple tutorial can be used with any colour so have fun creating this look with your favourite colours. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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