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Celebrate Your Pets

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jun 23 2016
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Cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even the goldfish sometimes need wipes… 




No matter how big or small, pets can be messy creatures in their own ways. We all love our pets but it’s hard to love the mess and work that comes with them - that’s why it’s important to use wipes to keep your pets happy and clean! It’s important to show your pets some appreciation, that means pampering pets of all shapes and sizes to make sure they know just how loved they are. 

If you’re a cat owner you’ll know that cats love to scratch anything and everything; carpets, beds, walls, couches, pillows and even you. To celebrate your furry feline this year, why not get them a new scratching post? They’ll love it as it’s something just for them and it’ll stop them from scratching at all your belongings. To keep their scratching post clean be sure to wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe regularly to remove dirt, germs and fur from it - otherwise you’ll probably end up needing to re-purchase another one sooner than you think. 

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs 
Every pet has a favourite treat, whether it’s a dog, who loves a bone or a rabbit who loves carrots - they will definitely have a treat they love. Treat your rabbit and guinea pig their favourite snack to celebrate pet appreciation week and whilst they’re munching away, why not clean out their pen while you can? Remove all hay or sawdust and carefully dispose of it, and wipe everything over properly to disinfect especially where they do their “business”. Then put fresh sawdust down, you can even take this time to rearrange or replace any object/toys you have in their pen. 

Just like rabbits and guinea pigs, your hamster probably has a favourite snack or toy. Give them a treat, and take time to clean out their cage so it’s nice and clean for them. You could also buy them a new wheel or even a hamster ball to play in - who doesn’t like something new?

Your goldfish probably loves their bowl, but wouldn’t they love even more space? If you’ve been thinking about upgrading their home for a little while - now might be the time - you could even get them an extra friend! But if you decided to keep their humble-abode, you might want to give it a good clean. First, you need to transfer them into a deep bowl or dish, then get cleaning start by using hot soapy water to clean all the grime from the inside. Before you fill it back up with water, use window cleaning wipes to clean the outside of the glass so it’s crystal clear. Don’t forget to put your goldfish back in the bowl! 

Pets of all sizes need a bit of TLC occasionally. It’s time to bring out the wipes and treat them to something new for Pet Appreciation Week! If you want to know more about using wipes for dogs read our post about ‘Which Dog Breeds Need Wipes?’ 

We also love looking at adorable pets, so make sure you tweet us photos of your pets or share your photos on our Facebook page using the hashtag #WeLoveWipes. 


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