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Christmas Nails

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Dec 19 2014
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In the festive season it’s always great to have nails to match your Christmas spirit.

We have some really cute red, glittery snowflake nails for you and there are 5 steps to follow and a video to watch for you to get the Christmas nails you want so here is how you do it:

What you will need: 
Base Coat 
Red Nails 
White/Silver Glitter polish 
White nail polish 
Top Coat 
Thin paint brush or cocktail stick. 

Before starting make sure you have clean nails that are buffed and shaped the way you like them, and make sure that you have some nail polish removal wipes and q-tips on hand for any mistakes. 

Step 1:
Paint your nails with a base coat. This is especially important when using a color such as red as it can really stain your nails and that is not what you want. Base coat will also help the polish stay on a little longer.

Step 2: 
Be careful with the red nail polish to not get it all around your nails. . It’s up to you as to whether you think you need one coat, or three coats. Allow the polish to be almost dry before step 3.

Step 3: 
Swipe the glitter polish brush from the base of your nail and drag it half way up the nail, nail leaving some space at the top without glitter, almost like an ombré glitter effect. 

Step 4:
Now it’s time for the snowflakes. You can do these however big you wish them to be using your thin paint brush or cocktail stick. Draw on a cross then a third line diagonally through the cross then add on little lines coming from the lines. This will create a snowflake effect. 

Step 5: 
Wait for your nails to be almost dry and add a top coat, this will make your nails shiny and make them last longer. Now you can go out with your new festive nails, whether your just going Christmas shopping or if you are going for your Christmas night out. 

Enjoy your festive nails, and Merry Christmas! 

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