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Accidents happen. Whether it's a spill here, fingerprints there, or even the latest handiwork of your young artist on the wall. Don't despair - there are wipes available for all kind of surfaces to tackle these problems. No more spray bottles and sponges!


Learn how wipes can revolutionise the way you look after your home. From handy tips and tricks to lifestyle articles, We Love Wipes will help make your home sparkle.

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 22 2013
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Whether you’re a domestic goddess or a slummy mummy, when it comes to household chores, the wet wipe sits head and shoulders above any other product.

Think of the humble wet wipe as the modern day version of lemon juice and baking soda. No job is too big or too small for our flexible wipe.

If you’re a cleaning connoisseur or a polishing perfectionist, then we know the ideal place to showcase your good housekeeping skills – on our new Around the House Community.


This growing club of cleaning enthusiasts is an online meeting place for house proud types everywhere. Neatly organised with members’ stories, tips, pictures and advice – it’s a must for those of us in the know about the power of the wet wipe.

Wet wipes clean ovens, dust surfaces, polish windows, and even glide around toilets. But their diverse uses reach every nook and cranny around the home. Skirting boards, washing machine rims, the backs of radiators: wet wipes love to get down and dirty in the most unusual of places.

And who said housework wasn’t glamorous?

Those of us with small children are fully aware of the benefits of wipeable furniture. A wet wipe gleans over a leather sofa in next to no time, collecting grime, debris, and the odd coin from along the crevices. TV screens, coffee tables and even pot plants present little challenge to the resilient wet wipe.

But our mission at We Love Wipes is to create an even better wipe for your every day convenience. And we’re hoping you can help us in this quest.

As part of our Around the House Community, we’d like you to share your opinions on how we can improve wet wipes. We’re keen to hear what you like and don’t like about wipes, and what you would change.

You can tell us what you think through a variety of interactive forums, including questionnaires and live web ‘hangouts’.

This information will be used by our team of experts to create the ultimate wipe!

They may even launch a new product on the back of these findings. Your feedback really does count.  After all, we love wipes, you love wipes; we all love wipes!

Don’t forget to check out the community for regular updates, competitions and news, or to simply leave your top tip of the day.  

So it’s time take off your Marigolds, dust off your laptop, and join us today.

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