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marika_1.jpg Posted by: Marika Mäkilä on Jun 12 2014
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Bee stings, burns, cuts, blisters... summer and children playing outside... - all of these are common accidents and injuries that can happen in any home or on any outing.

That’s when a first aid kit comes in handy. Well, I have a first cabinet at home. However when I needed a simple bandage after cutting my finger I noticed that I had forgotten to stock up and found only an empty package. So I made a list what I should buy to our family first aid cabinet.

Necessities - I need to purchase...

A well-stocked first aid kit or cabinet contains several wound care items. I have realized that there should be a lot of different types of wound care materials available for different kind of wounds and different kind of “patients”. Children like fun colors and cartoons which can even make them smile. I have seen that smile at work in a meeting when trying to look formal while wearing a batman bandage! This is not the first time that I have found an empty bandage package at home…I am going to purchase a nice range of different kind of products, suitable for all needs.

Personally I like white adhesive absorbent dressings with a textile-like backsheet in assorted sizes. They are also available in rolls and you can cut the size that you need. They are flexible and breathable and easy to handle. In addition to regular bandages which are normally a bit more plastic-like, this is the easiest way to cover minor cuts and abrasions.

Sometimes the cuts are in really tricky places, where butterfly bandages or narrow adhesive strips are very handy. They hold the edges of a cut together to allow it to heal. All my family members do a lot of sports, therefore I also keep blister bandages in my cabinet.

It is good to have some sterile dressings available too. They are very good in cleaning the wound and also in bigger cuts to control bleeding or secretions and prevent contamination. I also need adhesive tape and roller bandages to hold the dressing or splint in place.

For cleaning the wounds I need antiseptic spray – I, and especially the kids prefer no-sting ones. There are also single-packed antiseptic wound cleaning wipes available. They are very easy to use, kill bacteria and remove dirt at the same time from the wound. They are certainly very handy to carry with, for example when going to the playground with the kids. An antibiotic ointment is very good to have available to prevent infection of minor wounds.

It is important to have burn relief gel available as well. Naturally if I burn my skin I first run it under cold water for at least, although the burn would be very small usually it really hurts and a burn ointment can relief that a bit. During summertime it is also good to have anti-itch lotion or cream to relief insects bites, itching and skin irritations.

There are also necessity items which should be found in everybody´s first aid kits and containers, such as:  thermometer, scissors, basic medicines like pain reliever, antihistamine, stomach remedies and activated charcoal tablets. I would pet again that at least in the latter one the expiry date has gone by, so I better check them as well.

Other useful relief…

I am a typical office worker and I have a lot of muscle pain…neck pain, aching shoulders. Therefore I always keep muscle cream or gel in my first air cabinet. The only disadvantage of the cream or gel is that it cannot be worn under clothes as it makes the clothes dirty and sticky! There are new products on the market which could be a good alternative; heat wraps and pain relief patches. I have tested some and for me they worked quite well. There are also cold wraps and ice bags for sprained ankle or swellings. I keep an ice bag in my fridge as it reduces swelling very effectively. It also helps for “puffy morning eyes”!

I have seen many interesting medical wipes products while travelling e.g. fever relief wipes and haemorrhoid wipes and many others to come. There are definitely some creams and gels that I would rather apply with a wipe. Unfortunately I haven´t just seen them available in my local drugstore yet. They would be a nice addition to my first aid cabinet in the future.

So I have a long shopping list, but all necessities! And now I must remember to write down the date I have updated my first aid cabinet´s content and remember to check the cabinet each year and dispose of expired medicines.

My first aid cabinet is locked and out of reach of small children

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