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Do you know how often all those filters around you home need changing?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 27 2017
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We'll bet you don’t!

All around your home you will find many different machines, devices and technology that have filters inside of them, some that you probably didn’t even know about. These filters can be made from a range of fabrics such as mesh, paper and even nonwoven (that’s the same material that wipes are made out of)!

Filters in clothes dryers are often made out of mesh, whilst most disposable coffee filters are made out of paper. However there are also filters that are made from nonwovens, these can include thing such as air filters, cooker extractors and some coffee filters can also be made from nonwovens. The type of filters your machines have depends on the type of product, brand and the model of the product.

Now that you know about what your filters are actually made of, do you know how often you should be changing them?

Coffee Filters: Disposable paper coffee filters should only be used once before you get rid of them, however if you have a metal filter you should wash it regularly and be changing it every 3-4 months before it starts to grow mold. Nonwoven coffee filters come in both disposable and reusable variations so it’s best to follow the manufactures instructions when using them.

Vacuum Cleaner: Vaccum cleaners also have filters in them, some will have a washable filter that you just remove and clean with lukewarm water then leave to dry for around 24 hours before putting it back in. Other vacuums will have disposable filters, these should be changed every 6-12 months depending on how often you use it, however you should check instructions as some models will have their own timeline. You also need to be regularly changing the bag in your vacuum, change the bag when it is full, starts to smell or when you have cleaned something that could go mouldy or smell when left in the bag.

Water filters:  Water filters should be changed after around 40 gallons of water have passed through them. If you leave water filters for much longer the water can become dirtier than it started because it has passed through the filter.

Cooker Extractor: The thing that extracts all the smoke and steam coming out of the food you’re cooking can often become very dirty quickly, it is important you are cleaning or replacing it regularly, at least once every 3 months.

Clothes Dyer: The filter in clothes dryer is made with mesh; hence it doesn’t need replacing unless something happens to it. However it is important that you clean it off every time you do a load. Make sure to remove all of the fluff from it before you stick on another load. You should also keep an eye on the dryer duct to ensure there is no lint build-up as this can be a fire risk.

Refrigerator: If your fridge has an ice machine or a water cooler it is very important to replace the filters in them at least twice a year. These filters prevent small contaminants, such as lead and chlorine, from infiltrating your water with bad tastes and odors.

If you have filters that you haven't replaced recently now might be the time to check on them!

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