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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Mar 25 2014
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Mother’s day is just like a Birthday but even better...it means Moms officially have a reason not to lift a finger and get things done for them without even having to ask. 

That’s right; it’s really just their 1 day pass to celebrate being a mother and everythingeverything right they’ve done to keep you and your family happy. So make sure the important woman in your life receives a mother’s day she won’t forget and make it as special as she is.

Since we’re feeling nice and generous about this upcoming holiday, we’ve decided to create a guide for you and your children to prepare yourselves for the day so everything goes smoothly! Make sure you do try and get your kids involved in the preparation; they undoubtedly want to make the day really special so let them take the lead in some of the tasks.

“Keep it clean, so mommy’s not mean!”

There’s never a more proud moment when a child expresses their excitement in doing a little cleaning task (and really well for that matter!) because it gives them a sense of achievement and, without a doubt, a well-deserved approving appraisal from their mother. So don’t make it too difficult for your children by giving them too many different types of cleaning products and tools. Instead, give them a few wipes each and allocate cleaning zones for them and whoever can do it the quickest and the best, wins. You could even make it a little fun and give them 1st, 2nd or 3rd (depending on how many children you have) little prizes, just for helping out. Besides, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day to a mother like a clean house that she didn’t have to do!

“Pamper like she wouldn’t believe!”

It’s a day of rest and appreciation for each and every mother out there so what better way to relax than a mini pampering session for one?! If you don’t know what’s involved in a pamper session then don’t worry, we’ll break down the essentials for you. If you’re feeling extra creative, find a medium sized box and let your children decorate the box in their arts and crafts way. Then fill it up with the following:

-       A selection of nail polishes (1 base / top nail polish and 3 or 4 coloured polishes)

-       A handful of nail varnish removing pads

-       Toe separators

-       Nail clippers and a file

-       Bath bombs or bubble bath potion

-       Face towel and a loofah sponge

-       A selection of candles (go for fresh and floral scents)

-       Facial masks 

-       Moisturising body cream, or perfume

-       Cosmetic wipes

Of course, you don’t need to rush out and buy every single thing on the list but if you get a handful of these then you can’t go wrong and, chances are, most of these are already going to exist somewhere in the house so don’t be afraid to use these - after all, it is the thought that counts and she’ll appreciate the effort more than anything.

“Eat until her heart’s content!”

Nothing says love like food for any human out there, whether you’re a big eater or a picky-person and when it’s all made from scratch, you know it’s been truly made from the heart. This is the best time to get your children involved in something fun and messy so grab those mini aprons and prepare yourself for a morning of cooking chaos.

There’s nothing better than breakfast in bed so why not make some simple breakfast dishes for her and she’ll sure be impressed with her children’s culinary skills. Here, we’ve got some super-easy and delicious breakfast dishes that you and your children can make without any chance of the smoke alarm setting off.

-       Pancakes with Faces!

Not only is this fun to make but really fun to look at too. Simply whip up a batch of pancake mix (flour, eggs and water) or instant kind if you’re feeling extra lazy (don’t worry, we’re not judging…). Adult supervision is recommended when cooking the pancakes but decorating is for the children only. Decoration has no limits at this point so add all kinds of chopped fruit (strawberries, bananas and blueberries), chocolate drops and nuts can also be added to make all the silly faces you want. Serve on a flat plate and it’s a sure way to make your mother smile in the morning!

-       Pigs in Cheesy Cups!

This is a good twist on traditional breakfast on a plate and the perfect way to eat without the need of a knife and fork. This recipe only requires 3 main ingredients (bacon, eggs and cheese) and a muffin tray. The strips of bacon need to be sliced in half depending on how deep or shallow the muffin tray is and one slice should be enough to surround the inside rim of each cup. The next part is to mix a batch of eggs and grated cheese into a jug and then carefully pour into each cup on the baking tray. Once that’s done, they need to be placed in the oven on a medium heat for about 30-35 minutes until the bacon is juicy and crispy. Serve hot and bon appetite!

strawberry fizz

-       Strawberry Fizz

What’s more refreshing than a fizzy fruit drink in the morning to really wake you up?! Real homemade strawberry lemonade, of course! This recipe is easy and only requires 2 main ingredients - freshly sliced strawberries and lemonade. Let the kids carefully slice up the strawberries and place them in their mother’s favourite drinking glass (if it happens to be a wine glass, then let it be!) and fill the rest of the glass with lemonade. Add some decoration by popping a strawberry on the rim, place a straw in the glass and while you’re at it - pop in an umbrella!

So there it is….. a sweet and savoury breakfast and a refreshing drink for the morning of Mother’s Day. Just don’t forget to clean up after you’ve finished cooking (even if it is just using a wipe here and there!). The last thing you want is the special lady coming downstairs to a half destroyed kitchen and she shouldn’t be touching a wipe at all on Mother’s Day!

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