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Extreme Camping Wipes Edition

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 14 2015
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There are loads of different campers, from the Glamper to the Adventurer!

As the weather gets warmer, there is nothing people want more than a quick weekend break being one with nature. However being one with nature comes at a messy price - from bugs scratching at your legs while you sunbathe to falling flat on your face into some mud while exploring!

But which type of camper are you?

The ‘Fun’ Camper

When it comes to camping you are always up for anything, even if it is just having a sing along by the campfire to going on a hike and getting lost. It’s an adventure to you and you want to get the most out of your trip.

But being on an adventure doesn't mean that you don’t have to protect yourself. Using sun protection and mosquito repellent wipes allow you to stay protected from the elements while your exploring.

The ‘Stay Away From Me’ Camper

You will go camping, but all you want to do is take a selfie to share on Instagram. You want to stay in your tent and watch YouTube or maybe an episode or two of Netflix whilst everyone is enjoying the outdoor and nature.

You also relish the thought of having no shower so make sure to pack some body wipes for a quick clean before heading home to your TV and your bathtub.

The ‘Well if I have to…’ Camper

Camping was not your first choice, but you will go if everyone else is up for it, and you will probably even enjoy yourself whilst you’re there. Having a couple of drinks, maybe a song and a dance or two and you will be up to camp every weekend.

But after a night of partying you’re probably going to feel pretty rough… make sure you have plenty of water and some refreshing wipes to wake you up.

The ‘I am Not Staying Here’ Camper

You have booked into the hotel near the campsite. You will probably stay and enjoy yourself during the day, but as soon as it gets dark you are back to your hotel room ready for your bunny slippers and a facial sheet mask.

The ‘I don’t need a Tent’ Camper

You are literally going camping, without your camping equipment. You have a sleeping bag, some food, a water bottle and you are just going to wing it. What’s more special than relaxing under the stars!

But don’t forget to take some sunscreen wipes and moist toilet wipes (just in case a leaf won’t cut it!).

If you are not any of the type of camper described above, please let us know down below! And what type of wipe is essential for you when you’re off on a camping trip? Do you take separate wipes for face, hands and for the loo?

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