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Fake that bathing feeling after a lunch time run

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Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Apr 14 2017
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We wish we could say that there were some easy tips that will help you feel great and lose weight while giving you more energy in the long run. Unfortunately to achieve that you need a long-term plan and a will to exercise.

For many people, time can put pay to working out. Between working, spending time with your family and finding time to relax, it can seem almost impossible to find the time but exercise doesn’t need to take hours out of your day. A 30 minute jog on your lunch hour is better than doing nothing.

Running is one of the most accessible ways to exercise. It doesn’t require special equipment (other than a pair of comfortable trainers), it can be done independently and it can be done anywhere at any time. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a short list of running tips:

- Run regularly - Consistency is key to success. Regular excercising helps improve your body’s ability to burn fat. It also teaches your mind to blast through any challenge, mentally or physically. Remember also to take occational days off from running.
- Invest in good shoes – It’s important you invest in suitable shoes for your feet. Using the wrong sort of footwear can cause some nasty injuries. If in doubt, get your shoe fitted by specialists in a local running shop.
- Keep Positive – Make sure not to over exert yourself, especially if running on your lunch break. If you finish your run feeling over exhausted, worn out and all achy you won’t want to continue. If you finish feeling strong and energetic, you’ll be more determined to stick with it.
- Get Stretching- Stretches enable your muscles to warm up and cool down helping to alleviate soreness and avoid injuries. Make sure you do this at the start and finish of each run.
- Have a goal - What’s your aim? Set yourself something achievable, whether it’s 1km, 5km, 10km or more. Keep running until you meet your challenge…and then set yourself a new one!

But what about keeping yourself clean after your run? After all, not every office will have shower facilities you can use to freshen up after exercise. The good news is that there are options:

- Body wash wipes – Essential!! These wipes give you that fresh clean feeling all over. Once back from your lunch time run, strip off (in the privacy of the locker room or toilet, of course) and wipe all over.
- Deodorant wipes – A quick wipe under my now clean arm pits with these and you’re deodorized for the rest of the day.
- Exfoliating facial wipes – These wipes are great at removing the salt build up from the run  while also leaving your skin revived and revitalised.

And, lastly the most important tips of all:

- CLEAN UNDERWEAR – This should be the first thing you pack. There is nothing worse than having to stay in the same sweaty pants for the rest of the day.
- Water and healthy food – Your body needs fuel so remember to drink water and have a proper meal or a healthy snack after your run to keep your energies up.


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