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Fancy some Christmas-inspired nails for the festive season?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 20 2013
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It's Christmas...So you know what that means? Nail Art! 

Here are the simple 6 steps tutorial that will make heads turn at the dinner table:

Step 1

Always prepare your nails by removing any previous nail polish with handy nail polish removal wipes, file and then file and shape as you like. When painting your nails, it’s always recommended to use a clear base polish to ensure that there is minimal or no staining onto the nails.

Step 2

Using a red coloured nail polish (can be matte, glittery or metallic), apart from the finger closest to the little pinkie, paint the tip of every nail as though you’re doing a French manicure. You don’t need a super steady hand to colour the tip as the line will be later covered.

Step 3

Using a professional nail dotting tool or a cocktail stick, dip the end into a white coloured nail polish and carefully dot across the line making small circles all the way across.

Step 4

Using the same red nail polish, paint the entire finger closest to the little pinkie and allow it to dry before applying a second coat to give an intense colour. Using the same professional nail tool (or opposite end of the cocktail stick), dip it into a black coloured nail polish and draw a line across the middle of the nail which will imitate Santa’s belt.

*TIP* If you’re using a professional nail dotting tool, to remove the previous nail polish, wipe it over a nail varnish wipe – quick and easy!

Step 5

To make rhinestones stick onto the nails, paint over a clear nail polish to produce some tackiness. Using pointed tweezers or the professional dotting tool, pick up each rhinestone to make a small rectangle to imitate the buckle of Santa’s belt.

*TIP* If you don’t have rhinestones, you can replace this with silver coloured nail polish instead and use the same dotting method as before to imitate the small rectangle.

Step 6

When everything is dry and set in place, use a clear top coat to seal the colours and prevent any chipping and any of the rhinestones from falling off.

Once they’re dry, we bet you’ll feel instantly Christmassy straightaway! This is a very simple and joyful tutorial that anyone could duplicate so we ho-ho-hope you’ll enjoy re-creating this as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing this.

From all the team at We Love Wipes, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and an even better New Year!

See you all in 2014!

The WLW Team

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