Festival Periods

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Apr 21 2015
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It’s almost festival season and there’s one thought on many of us have: ‘what if I get my period when I’m at the festival?’ 

With dancing of several hours, being stuck in crowds for hours, and visiting unclean porter-potties it really is an inconvenience to have your period. But we do have some ways to get through it: 

Obviously these are disgusting no matter where you find them but while on your period they are cramped, smelly and just really awkward. Luckily some festivals offer a more luxury toilet experience for an additional cost, so if you’re going to be on your period then this is 100% worth it! But if you are stuck with the regular loo’s make sure you carry around feminine hygiene wipes and hand wipes with you, and have a friend to guard the door so that there’s not someone banging on the door yelling for you to hurry up while you get down to business ‘down there’. 

Some festivals offer showers, and some don’t. If your festival doesn't then wipes will be your new best friend for staying clean…’down there’ and everywhere. But if your festival does offer showers, we’d advise using them early in the morning when they are quietest so you can shower in peace, with a lot less people around you. 

One thing we all hate about periods is those pesky cramps that just make us want to stay in bed all day. But cramps should not ruin your festival experience. Walking around all day and dancing in crowds of people may not be the best for you, so pick a spot with some of your friends near the stage and sit down for the day, this way you get the experience of listening to the music, while being comfortable at the same time. 

The Food: 
Festival food is known for being quick, greasy and sometimes unhealthy. Which is great when you’re perhaps not on your period. But when you already feel bloated and sick, a burger smothered in onions and ketchup is not ideal. Take supplies with you like energy bars, dried fruit, and crackers and store them in your tent. It’ll not only be cheaper, but you won’t feel three times your normal size. 

Obviously everyone wants to be at the front to see his or her favorite act. But elbowing your way to the front of the crowds and camping out for the day is not great for you while on your period. You’ll be more exhausted and less enthusiastic during the day and if anything happens, you want to be able to get out of there, and you wont be able to after 20,000 other people show up. So play it safe, and stay close to the edges to avoid any crowd craziness. 

So that’s how to survive your festival experience while on your period. It’s not ideal, but don’t forget you will not be the only person having to deal with their period. Just remember to take lots of wipes with you, and take the festival at your own pace. We guarantee you’ll feel a lot more comfortable if you can freshen up at your convenience. But don’t let your period ruin your festival experience. 

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