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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 24 2013
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What’s a party without delicious food? With all the social chit-chat and the many drinks being consumed, sometimes you just forget to eat!

Make it easy for your guests to enjoy their night without the need of knife and forks by creating small appetizers where they can easily grab and eat.

Fussy foods aren’t necessary for a party - just something light and easy to grab with the hands so each guest is able to eat, drink and chat away at the same time! Don’t forget to leave out the wipes for people to clean up once they’re done nibbling away at your festive food spread.

Here are some of our festive favourite small treats which some can easily be adapted to your own liking!

Macaroni & Cheese Baked Tarts

Bite size pieces of macaroni cheese -

tasty and satisfying in one bite. It’s super easy to make macaroni and cheese in general but to do this version cook it all off first then simply spoon the macaroni into the slots of a muffin tray. Bake on a high heat for approximately 10 minutes until golden and sizzling then take out to cool for a further10 minutes. Once cooled, use a butter knife to carefully loosen and pop out the tarts from the tray.

Transfer onto a festive plate and serve warm. Bon appetite!

Mini Pizza Puffs

So simple and easy - whisk together the dough ingredients in a bowl and add chopped up toppings (peppers, mushrooms, ham, pepperoni….) and carefully spoon into each slot in a muffin tray. Bake in the oven on a high heat for 20 - 25 minutes or until puffed and golden. Sprinkle some cheese midway through baking and sprinkle some fresh basil on top when fresh out of the oven.

Devilled Eggs with a Twist

Devilled eggs are a classic finger food at any party but it’s easy to mix the flavours slightly with each little egg by adding herbs - think chives, spring onions, dill and parsley and spicing it up with paprika and salsa. There’s no right or wrong way of dressing up devilled eggs - it’s all about experimenting and what people’s taste buds prefer!

No-Cook Kabobs

Kabobs are always fun and easy to make (and eat!) so you can add anything you wish to a stick! Add fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and peppers), various meats (ham, chicken and beef) and cheeses. The mix of flavours is like having a full meal but on a stick and sometimes more filling than an actual meal itself. Add further flavourings by drizzling them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar or some crackling black pepper!

Cheese & Fruit Board

What’s a party without a cheeseboard and fresh fruit? A very simple platter to put together by simply adding various cheeses (the more, the better - it allows your guests a better choice) and cutting up fresh pieces of fruit for people to snack on after they’ve devoured all the yummy food!

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