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Freaky Food

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 29 2015
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Happy Halloween! Here are some ghoulishly great treats to create… 


Halloween is well and truly upon us - pumpkin carving, fancy dress costumes and trick or treating. If you are throwing a party this year, we have a few ‘spooktacular’ snacks ideas to try and make: 

Boo-nana Pops! 

Easy to make, delicious to eat (and not that unhealthy), the perfect snacks for you and the kids this year. 

What you need: 
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Chips 
Popsicle Sticks 

Freezing the bananas. 
Start by lining a baking tray with some baking paper. Then you need to cut your bananas in half. stick a popsicle stick into the bottom of the banana. Then put your bananas into the freezer for an hour or two. Once they are frozen remove them from the freezer and unstick them from the baking tray. 

Melting the Chocolate. 
Melting the chocolate is next you need to get a glass bowl and a pan, fill the pan with water about half way and let it boil. The glass bowl should be large enough that it sits on top of the pan without sinking into the water (this is very important) then put all your white chocolate into the bowl and allow to melt.  

Making the Ghosts. 
Now that your chocolate is melted and your bananas frozen all you need to do is cover the bananas in the chocolate. So dip each banana in until completely covered and stand them to dry. (If you lie them down the chocolate on the back will not be smooth and it may even stick to your surface.) 

Once each of your ghosts is covered use two chocolate chips as the eyes and allow them to set. 



These may not look all the appetizing because no one really wants’s to eat worms, however they taste great! 

What you need: 
A Glass 
Juice (Must be red/purple) 
Whipped cream.

Step one melt your gelatin with your juice on a stove to make a dark red/purple liquid split this into two containers, in one mix whipped cream and leave the other plain. If it’s not dark enough add a few drops of black food coloring. In your glass add the straws until you cannot add anymore. Then pour in your liquid, alternating between the creamy liquid and the plain so that it looks like real worms. 

Put your worms in the fridge until they are firm. Then remove the draws from the glass, it may be quite hard to get the first couple out but then the rest should come out easily. Once they are out push the worms out of the straws from the top and into a bowl ready to serve. For extra detail you can crumble up some chocolate cake/cookie to look like dirt. 

Served Fingers!

Yes that’s right you are going to be serving fingers to your guests.. kind of! 

These hot-dogs sure do look like figures though. All you need to do is get your raw hotdogs, cut them in half, add a couple of slices where the knuckles would be, and remove a patch at the top to make it look like a finger nail. Cook them and add them to buns. Put a bit of ketchup on the end so it looks like a severed finger… and enjoy! 

So they are a few treats to make for your Halloween party, great for kids and adults and they will taste great. Enjoy them, and Happy Halloween!  

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