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Fun In The Summer Sun! Join us for our next #WipesChat…

Posted on May 24 2018
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Planning on having fun in the sun this summer? Join our next #WipesChat…

Things are starting to heat up! During our next #WipesChat we’re going to be tackling the topic of
summer, so if you’re looking forward to the warm weather then make sure you take part for top tips
and the chance to win prizes!

Summer is just around the corner, so in this month’s #WipesChat we’re going to make sure that
you’re prepared when the temperature starts to rise. We’ll be looking at everything from personal
hygiene in warm weather, to how you deal with nasty stains from melting ice cream!

Make sure you save the date, and join us to get some great tips. If you love free stuff, then you’re in
for a treat too! because we’re giving away a $25 Amazon voucher (equivalent currency) to one lucky
participant and a We Love Wipes hamper to another!

Date: Wednesday 30th May 2018
Time: 4pm EDT / 9pm BST
Theme: Fun in the summer sun

Make sure you RSVP by leaving a comment with your Twitter handle below, or tweet us to let us know
you’ll be participating.

Get involved, have fun and share your cleaning and personal hygiene knowhow and experiences with great people from across the globe.

Etiquette: Make sure you include #WipesChat in your answers and comments to us, this way we can track the conversation and give you credit and recognition for your contribution.

Also please reference the question / answer number in your answers and comments, e.g. our questions
will start Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on, if you can respond starting A1, A2, A3 etc. This way we will know for sure
which question or point you are commenting on.

Can’t make it? Just search the hashtag #WipesChat and the chat will be available for you to read it
afterwards at a time that suits you. Hopefully, you can make it to our future upcoming chats. We look
forward to seeing you there!

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