Get ready for the summer time

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Jun 6 2014
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Now that summer is here (finally!), it’s time to get ready for it and spread that summer feeling.

There’s nothing better than wearing your favourite summer clothes and eating ice cream under the sun. We’ve rounded up a few of the best essentials and tips for your guide to look good and feel good during this summer.

Who is that pale person looking at me in the mirror?

Pale skin or not - everyone looks good with some colour on their skin. We just believe in the ‘natural’ way of achieving a tan without any harsh chemicals or UV rays. Tanning wipes are a quick and easy way to give your skin a nice glow whenever and wherever you are and people might just think you’ve been on holiday for a week or two - they will never know your secret!

An afternoon at the terrace café?

To be prepared for occasions like a drink in a terrace cafe or a surprise picnic then sunscreen wipes are an important item to have with you. There are absolutely necessary if you are exposed to the sun because without it, you’ll be prone to wrinkles and skin damage. Sunscreen wipes are easy to use and will evenly cover all parts of your body without leaving any major streaks. Sunscreen from a bottle may be a cheaper alternative but sometimes slathering the product on with your bare hands can be a bit sticky.


Admit it; it’s time to de-fuzz all that fuzz!

If you’re going to show off your beautiful (fake) tan or take the opportunity to soak up the sun, then you need to make sure that you’re not visibly hairy on the areas you wish to expose i.e. your legs. There are several methods to removing hair from your body depending on your tolerance to pain. Whilst using razors are quick and easy, they only last a few days before the hair starts growing back but a wax (whether DIY or professionally) will last you for up to 4-6 weeks. Removal of hair anywhere on the body can leave the skin slightly sore, red and bumpy so it’s advisable that you use a conditioning lotion, one with tea tree oil or aloe vera is best, to wipe to soothe any areas of redness.

Pucker up with some SPF lip balm.

Your skin is not the only thing on your body that is extremely sensitive to the skin. Your lips are very thin-skinner and delicate so they need extra care during extreme weathers in summer and even in winter, too. Layering lip balm with a high SPF factor will protect your lips from being blistered in the sun and keep them looking perky and luscious. Just don’t forget to layer the lip balm, every few hours to keep it moistened.

Wipe away and freshen up with deodorant and body refreshing wipes.

Sunny and hot weather sometimes means sweaty bodies so it would be very ideal to pack deodorant wipes and body refreshing wipes with you just in case. Deodorant wipes will prevent you from sweating but as different people have various levels of sweat, it’s handy to keep them in case of an emergency. Whether you’re layering around in the sun or being active and kicking a ball around the park, wipes to refresh your face, body and hands just makes you feel a little less gross and a little more refreshed.

Water, water and more water!

Of course if you’re going to be out all day in the sun, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated at all times with plenty of water. Without frequent consumption of water whilst exposed to the sun for a long time could lead to dizziness, fainting or heat stroke so make sure you have a bottle or two around.

So there you have it! Our list of things to start off and prepare for your summer this year - remember to always be safe and make memories with the people in your life.

Enjoy the sun!

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